Multi Tone Hair Colors

When it comes to multi-tonal hair color ideas 2019 we see a cool festival of edgy shades. Among them we meet amazing neon, rainbow, pastel and other multi-tone hair colors. Find out your next appealing hair color and switch up your style with a new style. Say goodbye to the traditional hair color ideas and welcome the most eye-catching multi-tone hues.

Tie Dye Hair Color Inspiration for 2019

Even if you avoid rainbow hair colors and don’t like that much brightness on your hair you will like the new tie dye hair color in 2019. This hair color idea has plenty of cool-girl appeal and grabs attention not only because it has bright tones but also it looks interesting in its highlighting effect. According to professional colorist Rickey Zito the classic rainbow hair color is now beautified with more delightful styles and creative effects. It has cool hair color method which interests many stylists.tie dye hair colors 2019How to Get Tie Dye Hair Color?

Offered by Hollywood-based hair colorist Tanya Ramirez, tie dye hair coloring style incorporates several shades of blue, turquoise, and pastel aqua, with a modern twist. First start with bleaching hair into a light blonde shade. This is not a simple hair highlighting technique, so be patient and careful. After bleaching, you can separate hair into 2-4 inch sections securing them at the base.

Split Hair Color Ideas

Is split your next hair color idea? Don’t know what it is? Let’s discover the best split hair color ideas special for you to know whether you want to give it a try or not. First, I would like to mention that this is not a common hair color for anyone. It’s a half-and-half hair coloring idea that provides you with a unique look. If you are ready for a huge transformation then unlock the secret to trendy split hair colors. Many ladies already prefer to pull of two subtle shades on their hair instead of one.split-hair-color-ideas-2017What is Split Hair Color?

As the name suggests split hair color involves dying hair on one side in one and the other side in another hair color. However, we are speaking about matching shades and not harsh and failed experiments that lead to ridiculous looks. In order to create the desired split hair color you should consult with a stylist. It requires special consideration when it comes to color choices. For example, when you want to dye your dark hair in a light shade you should first bleach it.

2019 Multi-Tone Hair Highlights  

The creative world of hair highlighting is always there for us to offer the most delightful hair transformations, makeover and styles. Thanks to the professionalism of skillful designers and hair colorist today we are provided with millions of hair highlighting options and techniques from ombre to balayage and from rainbow to pixel. We are here to inspire you with the most fashionable multi-tone hair highlights  for 2019. Get ready for radical changes.multi-tone hair highlights 2019Classic Ombre/Sombre/Balayage Highlights

Let’s start from the classiest hair highlighting ideas that new in the hair styling industry. So, ombre, sombre and balayage are the most popular hair highlights for any type of hair. They are ideal for all shades but go well especially with blonde and brunette hair. Their unique technique of highlighting hair keeps everything harmonious and pretty.

Hottest Ombre Hair Colors for 2019

There are such hair coloring ideas and techniques that seem to be breathtaking because of the provided results and looks. Those hair coloring methods are meant to highlight the beauty of your hair and to take your hairstyle to the next level. So, the trendy ombre hair colors for 2019 are one of the most amazing hair coloring styles at the moment. They come up in a variety of styles and hues and allow you to get the dreamed hairstyle. Even bed head hair looks delightful in ombre shades.ombre hair colors 2019Dark Ombre Hair Color

Some prefer light and some go for dark ombre styles according to their base hair color. If you have dark brown or black hair color and want to spice it up with a modern twist, you’d better consider the lovely dark ombre shades. They are generally strong and rich combinations of dark roots with caramel highlights. Using the popular technique of ombre coloring, you keep the roots in their base shade and lighten up only the tips with a shiny caramel tint.