Multi Tone Hair Colors

When it comes to multi-tonal hair color ideas 2019 we see a cool festival of edgy shades. Among them we meet amazing neon, rainbow, pastel and other multi-tone hair colors. Find out your next appealing hair color and switch up your style with a new style. Say goodbye to the traditional hair color ideas and welcome the most eye-catching multi-tone hues.

Holographic Hair Color Trend for 2019

When we think that we have tried all the possible hair color ideas in the fashion world there comes something new, more creative and fashionable. Meet the holographic hair color trend for 2019. It’s here to amuse you with its stunning effect and incredible awesomeness. If you are ready for a brand new rainbow inspired hair color idea then keep on reading to discover this new style.HOLOGRAPHIC hair colors 2019What is Holographic Hair Color?

According to the majority of professional hairstylists and colorists, the holographic hair color trend is achieved with a unique and interesting technique called hand-pressed coloring. This actually uses the methods behind screen printing and reflects them to your strands. Stylists paint different patterns on a sheet of Plexiglas with hair dye and then put a section of hair onto the glass, placing the dye to your strands. The stylist repeats this process using pastel pink, lavender and blue shades.

2019 Amazing Multi-Tonal Hair Highlights

Taking into account the fact that many multi-tone hair colors for 2019 are vibrant and flashy today we will discuss some of the most popular options. These amazing multi-tonal hair colors can give you the best ideas on how to style your locks with cute highlights.  The fresher your highlights the healthier your hair will look.2019 Amazing Multi-Tonal Hair HighlightsWarm Hair Highlights

Between the most fashionable warm hair highlights brown and caramelized shades have their special place. If you have brunette hair and want to warm it up use brown and caramel multi-tone highlights. Place them all over the hair from the top to the tips and focus on the face framing strands.

Lightest Multi-Tone Hair Colors

You don’t have to be a teenager to experiment with rainbow and multi-tone hair colors. Add a pop of color to your hair whenever you need more interest and attractiveness in your look. Monochrome hair colors are not that inspiring. When we meet a new rainbow hairstyle we get the ultimate hair color inspo and start thinking of a crazy hair color. Discover the lightest multi-tone hair colors for 2019.Lightest Multi-Tone Hair ColorsMulti-Tone Pastel Hair Color

Dusty and faded pastel hair colors seem to win the pure pastel with their softness. If before stylists used to recommend updating pastel shades at least once a month, today they offer to wash it the way you like and achieve faded effects. These sophisticated hair colors are beautiful both in single-tone and multidimensional styles. You can get the rainbow on your own hair by dying it in light pastel shades.

2019 Colorful Hairstyle Trends

Futuristic and unusual hairstyles are typical to celebrities who come as trendsetters and offer us the most eye-catching hairstyles and hair colors. Although a few of us take the risk to copy these hairstyles but women who go for colorful hairstyles make a huge change in their appearance. Look at these stunning colorful hairstyles for 2019 and try one for the coming party.colorful-hairstyles-2019Rainbow Curls Hairstyle

Say goodbye to your monotone dark hair color and embrace your afro curls with rainbow shades. Several hues if rainbow such as purple, blue, yellow, orange and red are ready to highlight your frizzy hairstyle with a cotton candy effect. Today many Afro-American women have fun with colorful hairstyles thanks to rainbow hair colors. This trick appeals to most of black women with old-fashioned hair types.

Graffiti Hair Trend for 2019

Hair stenciling and graffiti hair trends have become 2019’s number one fun hair coloring ideas. They are the most creative, most interesting and brightest hair color ideas that work on straight or slightly wavy hair. Here you’ll see delightful graffiti hair colors for 2019. They will change your mind of getting a monotone and traditional hair color this year. From now on, you’ll start thinking of a multidimensional an fascinating hairstyle.graffiti-hair-colors-2017What is Graffiti Hair Color?

Each time we are offered a new temporary hair color idea we get excited because who won’t like the idea of a bright and fun hairstyle for a couple of days? Graffiti is your ultimate temporary hair color that marries a touch of vibrant, spray-paint-effect, which provides your hair with colorful shapes and designs.

2019 Cotton Candy Hairstyle Ideas

Festive days are already in the corner and we are supposed to think of fabulous hair color and hairstyle ideas. What we do with our hair to make it look festive? Well, first of all we think of a fresh, vivid and bright hair color and then pick a matching hairstyle. Are you ready for cotton candy hairstyles in 2019? If yes, then find your next inspiration in this string of cotton candy hair colors and hairstyles.cotton-candy-hair-colors-hairstyles-2019Cotton Candy Soft Hairstyle

Although most cotton candy hairstyles are in messy, curly and frizzy but there are also some softer and subtler styles like this cute hairdo. Pink is the main shade that represents the cotton candy effect. It is very beautiful with blonde highlights and base hair colors. Women with naturally blonde hair can pull off fantastic cotton candy hairstyles with pink shades. This glamorous hairstyle will give you an angelic look and will bring out your eyes. Combine it with pink lips.

Newest Multi-Tone Hair Highlights for Short Hair

Short haircuts always seek for subtle hair colors and cute solutions, which will make them more glamorous and feminine. If you have just gone for a bold short haircut and it seems somehow harsh then consider these new multi-tone hair highlights for short hair. Your bob or pixie haircut will become even nicer with the help of these trendy shades. Don’t be afraid of taking the first step from your comfort zone. Just try as many beautiful hairstyles and hair colors as you like.multi-tone-highlights-2017Short Dark Hair with Oil-Slick Highlights

Oil slick is the newest rainbow hair highlighting idea of dark hair. It has captured many hearts of brunets who have always dreamed of rainbow hair colors. These shiny tones of green, purple, yellow, orange and blue are waiting for your choice. Have you already decided which hues of rainbow you want to have on your short dark hair? Any short dark haircut makes women very hot and flashy, but it’s important to update this shade with trendy tones. So, pick oil-slick highlights.

SS 2019 Dip Dye Hair Colors for Blonde Hair

Dip dye is generally created with unnatural and vibrant hair colors, which are placed at the tips of the hair. They look better on long haircuts but can look awesome on short styles too. Spring and summer are the subtlest and hottest seasons, which inspire us to go for bright hair colors. Since dip dye is a simple and effortless hair coloring technique you can achieve it by yourself. So, find your style between these stunning dip dye hair colors for blonde hair for SS 2019.  dip-dye-hair-colors-ss-2019Pink Dip Dye Hair Color

Pink is undeniably one of the most flattering hues for blonde hair. All light and dark tones of pink compliment long and medium blonde hair. Bright pink shades are very pretty in spring and summer and tend to add a vibrant touch to your light blonde locks. You can pair it with dark roots for a trendier result. Although pink works with dark hair colors too but it’s very ravishing especially with blonde hair.

2019 Trendy Hair Colors with Colorful Roots

Instead of the simple dark brown or black roots, designers and professionals offer us trendy hair colors with colorful roots for 2019. Perhaps this is the subtler version of the glitter roots, which grab so much attention and seem to be too festive. Your hair roots will look nicer in unique shades no matter your base hair color, skin tone and haircut. According to your current hair color, you can easily get an awesome hairstyle with flattering colored roots.colorful-roots-hair-colors-2019Grey Hair with Silver Blue Roots

We choose hair colors both closer and contrasting for base hair colors. In this case we have grey hair with well balanced silver blue roots. They create a harmonious ombre effect gradually changing the hues from dark to right. Besides, blue brings more interest to grey hair and makes your look more than angelic. This hair color combo is often seen on the runway combined with medium and long straight hairstyles.

Macaron Hair Color Trend 2019

It seems as if anything associated with rainbow hair colors is trendy by all means. Well, some are trendy and some have already done their job in the fashion industry. Today’s favorite rainbow style is the macaron hair color trend for 2019. If you like pastel rainbow hair colors and want to try a new more creative style then discover the macaron hair color trend.macaron-hair-colors-2019 What is Macaron Hair Color?

So, macaron hair colors are well-balanced blends of pastel shades which showcase their beauty on braided and wavy hairstyles. It’s a soft multi-dimensional hair color that can easily be worn on blonde hair. For a muted and mesmerizing look, you can mix the aforementioned tints with baby blue and silver tones. Some like to combine this hair color with double buns and glitter roots for special parties and festive occasions.