Light Hair Colors

Since light hair colors have celestial touches, they are chosen by the majority of blondes and girls who want to lighten up their complexions. Light hair colors are not only blonde shades but also pastel and similar hues, which means that this palette is rich. Consult with a stylist before experimenting with light hues.

Lightest Multi-Tone Hair Colors

You don’t have to be a teenager to experiment with rainbow and multi-tone hair colors. Add a pop of color to your hair whenever you need more interest and attractiveness in your look. Monochrome hair colors are not that inspiring. When we meet a new rainbow hairstyle we get the ultimate hair color inspo and start thinking of a crazy hair color. Discover the lightest multi-tone hair colors for 2019.Lightest Multi-Tone Hair ColorsMulti-Tone Pastel Hair Color

Dusty and faded pastel hair colors seem to win the pure pastel with their softness. If before stylists used to recommend updating pastel shades at least once a month, today they offer to wash it the way you like and achieve faded effects. These sophisticated hair colors are beautiful both in single-tone and multidimensional styles. You can get the rainbow on your own hair by dying it in light pastel shades.

Light Ombre Hair Colors to Copy for 2019

The lightest ombre hair colors for 2019 offer us the most exquisite choices of this style. Try a light blonde, pastel, brown or red ombre hair color getting your inspiration from these big hair trends. You’ll surely take the next step after reading this article as the most capturing ombre shades are waiting for you. Open the doors for a sophisticated hair color.Light Ombre Hair Colors to Copy for 2019Light Blonde Ombre Hair Color

You get a light ombre hair color when you combine light brown with a matching tone of blonde. Of course, the blonde is supposed to be dominant. This creates a cute and natural-looking effect and provides you with a light hair color. Natural blondes can add some light brown hues to their roots and keep the rest in their natural shade. As for hairstyles, long layered, wavy, loose braided and lob haircuts are the best for this style. They provide with the most fashionable effect.

Light Brown Hair Colors with Highlights 2019

Light brown hair means that you already have a trendy look. The next step is enhancing it with stunning highlights. With highlights any transformation of hair color is getting softer. If you are in a search of hair highlight for light brown hair for 2019 then keep on reading. This guide to the flattering highlights will help you find a good idea for your light brown hair.light-brown-hair-with-highlights-2019Light Brown Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights

Cool-toned and light highlights like ash blonde compliment light brown hair colors. They ideally go with olive skin tones and bring a blondish touch to your hair. This is for women who don’t want to go for fully blonde hairstyles but still want to try a blondish effect. Ash blonde is something between smokey brown and light blonde tones, that’s why the result is awesome.

2019 Rich Light Caramel Hair Colors

We call caramel a rich hair color idea as it is a great combination of several light brown tones and warm highlights. This hair color has light and dark shades, which compliment most skin tones and make hairstyles sparkling, luscious and shiny. Its shimmering hint is so gorgeous that many fall in love with it and each time they think of another hair color they feel that they won’t find something richer and fancier. So, the gorgeous light caramel hair color for 2019 is your next trendy shade if you want something between brunette and blonde hair colors.light-caramel-hair-colors-2019How to Get:

Depending on the manufacturer, caramel shades are sometimes called light golden brown with toffee or butterscotch nuances . Like any light brown hair color caramel also requires light base shades to look so shiny and fresh. It’s better to dye your hair in a caramel hair color if you already have a light shade. Black hair colors will not immediately become caramelized if you take the tint and dye your tresses.

Light Hair Colors for Dark Skin 2019

As we have already spoken about the trendiest dark hair colors for light skin we’ll pass on to the light hair colors for dark skin for 2019. The turn is for hot dark-skinned brunettes who want to lighten up their hair color but don’t know which is the best shade that flatters their skin and hair. Today we’ll help you to opt for the right option for 2019. Let’s start!light-hair-colors-for-dark-skin-2019Grey-Ash Blonde Hair Color

Light grey hair colors or the so called light ash blondes have become trendy among black women too. Now they have much brevity to dye their locks in light grey shades. However, anyone who dreams of this shade should also pay attention to her haircut and hairstyle to look so gorgeous. The secret to a trendy grey hair color with dark skin is hidden behind the haircut. It’s preferable to keep it short and sassy.  Short haircuts in light hair colors go well with dark skin tones.

Light Hair Color Ideas for Blondes

If you think that any hair color works well with blondes then check out our list of light hair colors for blondes and leave alone the stereotypes that hair color possibilities are endless for blondes. There are cool shades that flatter pale complexions and highlight blonde locks. Keep up with the recent trends and update your blonde hair with nicer shades.light-hair-colors-for-blondes-2019Sandy Blonde Hair Color

The balance between matte and golden shades on sandy blonde hair colors add depth and a natural touch to any blonde hair color. This is the most accepted hair color for blonde-haired women of all age groups. It is neutral and tends to warm up pale complexions and bring out light eyes. You can ask your stylist for less golden hues for summer and much glossy effect for winter as skin becomes paler in winter. Update the color every four weeks.

2019 Light Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Brunettes who think that light-haired women have more chances to stand out in the crowd may probably like the idea of getting the most flattering light shade on their dark hair. Well, anyone with natural red, blonde or brown hair color is awesome on her own way. But sometimes contrasting shades change up our entire look and make us more interesting. In this case, alternative shades come for help. While blondes go for brunette hair colors and fall in love with them, natural brunettes prefer enjoying lighter hues. Here you’ll see the best light hair colors for brunettes for 2019. Lighten up your face and complexion with a fresh and sun-kissed hair color in 2019.  light-hair-colors-for-brunettes-2019Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Dirty blonde is the first thing that comes to your stylist’s mind when you speak about lightening up your brunette hair. This is the most popular blonde shade that brunettes wear with great enjoyment. Our lovely olive-skinned Jessica Alba is one of the brunette celebs who rock dirty blonde hair time to time. This shade will never go out of style as it’s always requested among dark-haired beauties. A soft shade of dirty blonde will not only lighten your hair but will also bring a subtle effect for your locks.

Light Ombre Hair Colors

Ombre is not a hair color idea to play with. It’s a serious and quite elegant style which requires carefulness not to be failed. I have seen so many girls wearing “wrong” ombre hair colors that it made me to think that not every stylist is able to provide us with the desired ombre style. Things become more complicated when it comes to unusual and more original experiments such as light ombre hair colors. They differ from the traditional ombre hair colors with their harmonious and angelic effects. Here we have collected the most popular and professionally achieved light ombre hair colors. Check them out!light-ombre-hair-colors-2019Apricot Ombre Hair Color

Blonde-haired women seldom imagine that their hair gives them limitless opportunities to rock super stylish light ombre hair colors like the warm and ethereal aprotic. This is one of the best hair color combos I have ever seen. It gradually changes its shades from too light to warm and tends to compliment light to medium skin tones with peach undertones. You can match this hair color with peach-y makeups and light pink lips.

2019 Snowlights Hair Color for Blondes

There is a new hair coloring idea for you to use in 2019 and it has a fun name like the rest of hair color trends. The trendy snowlights hair color for 2019 is the latest thing for blondes. It’s going to be your cool and winter-y transformation with a light and subtle effect. This is snowlights and not highlights which means that you are going to get an icy touch for winter.snowlights-hair-colors-2019What is Snowlights Hair Color?

The Senior Colorist at the Hare and Bone salon Chloe Ascott is the first creator of the snowlights hair color trend in London. According to Chloe Ascott the key to the perfect snlowlight hair color is not just a simple choice between icy blonde or silver hair color. Surprisingly this is a hair color that doesn’t involve the latest crazy hues and coloring techniques. The name “snowlights” actually is associated with the application.

Lightest Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Whatever you may choose for your hair blonde remains the most feminine shade. It is considered as the loveliest hair color idea when someone want to pull off a seductive and angelic look. Actually, the lighter your hair color the tenderer you’ll look but the question in this case is whether you have the matching skin tone or not. Let’s discuss some of the trendiest light blonde hair colors and make our ultimate choice.light blonde hair colors 2019Light Wheat Blonde Hair Color

Wheat blonde is a sun-kissed hair color for you to match with your base blonde hair color. You can use it to lighten it up and create a more balanced effect. Wheat blonde has the shiny touch of the wheat, that’s why it goes well with light eye hues and rosy undertones.