Hair Color Ideas 2019

New hair color ideas for 2019 break down all the traditional rules and inspire us with marvelous hair color mixtures. In spite of the fact that 2019 is the year of more naturalness, crazy hair colors will still be in thing. All in all, they are the most eye-catching and interesting hues that we see in fashion. Try a new style this year starting with your hair color.

Lilac Hair Color Trend for 2019

All the lilac hair color ideas that we have seen among celebrities tell that lilac is one of the subtlest shades that a girl can rock on her short, medium or long hair. Lilac is a big hair color trend for the moment and it continues to capture many hearts. In order to get the desired look you should keep up with the latest looks and styles as well as learn the right technique of achieving this shade on any hair color. Here you’ll be inspired by the best lilac hair colors for 2019.2019-lilac-hair-colorHow to Get:

If you don’t have naturally light or platinum blonde hair then the first step you need to take is bleaching your hair. Even a base strawberry blonde is enough to dye your hair in a cute lilac shade. You can even keep the roots dark if you are a natural brunette. If you are not familiar with right hair bleaching and treating tips then you’d better avoid doing this at home.

Winter 2019: White Blonde Hair Color

Thinking of a flattering hair color idea for winter? Here is all you need to know about the trendiest hair color for the coming cold season. It’s the white blonde hair color for winter 2019. They say that a woman who is about changing her hair color is about to change her lifestyle. So, there is a kind of truth in this as your new hair color can speak a lot about your style, interests and preferences. white-blonde-hair-colors-2019It will change up your look and take your hairstyle to the next level. This winter white blonde seems to be cooler than ever. It’s for women who look for something lighter and brighter that can make their hair soft, subtle and sophisticated. Take examples from Kristen Stewart and model Coco Rocha who have gone for white blonde and became so inspiring with their new styles.

Best Hairstyles for Grey Hair 2019

The majority of women are shy because of their first grey strands and they do their best to cover them up with permanent hair dyes. However, the latest hair trends and designers’ approach towards hair styling tell that grey is a big hair color trend for 2019. It’s one of the best shades to match with a number of hairstyles and look more than just fashionable. In order to inspire you to be proud of your natural grey hair or reasonably go for a silver shade here we have collected the best grey hairstyles for 2019. After reading this article, you are going to love your grey hair. So, let’s start!grey-hairstyles-2019Two-Tone Grey Bob Hairstyle

Dark and light tones of grey compliment different skin tones and eyes. Women with light skin take light grey shades and darker skinned ladies go for deep silver hair colors. Here you see an awesome combo of the two shades of grey in one hairstyle. It’s not only creative but also seems to be professional for many black women who want to lighten their hair but still need balance. So, the dark hue balances everything between dark skin and light silver shade. It goes without saying that this sleek bob haircut “enjoys” the hair color choice of its owner.

SS 2019 Dip Dye Hair Colors for Blonde Hair

Dip dye is generally created with unnatural and vibrant hair colors, which are placed at the tips of the hair. They look better on long haircuts but can look awesome on short styles too. Spring and summer are the subtlest and hottest seasons, which inspire us to go for bright hair colors. Since dip dye is a simple and effortless hair coloring technique you can achieve it by yourself. So, find your style between these stunning dip dye hair colors for blonde hair for SS 2019.  dip-dye-hair-colors-ss-2019Pink Dip Dye Hair Color

Pink is undeniably one of the most flattering hues for blonde hair. All light and dark tones of pink compliment long and medium blonde hair. Bright pink shades are very pretty in spring and summer and tend to add a vibrant touch to your light blonde locks. You can pair it with dark roots for a trendier result. Although pink works with dark hair colors too but it’s very ravishing especially with blonde hair.

Hair Coloring with Flat Irons in 2019

Besides the fact that flat irons are cool hair straighteners, which make our life easier, they are also innovative hair coloring tools. Women will start to use hair coloring ideas with flat irons in 2019. This really makes sense and captures many hearts. Engineers at the University of New Mexico and Los Alamos National Laboratories are now testing flat irons, which color hair in a variety of shades without harsh chemicals. This effortless hair dying technique allows you to spend less time on getting your favorite shade.flat-iron-hair-color-ideas-for-2019What is it?

After trying this new technique on different shades of hair experts tell that it’s  much more beneficial for brunette hair. It doesn’t work great on blonde hair but can still provide with new hues. Brown-haired women who want to get cool hair colors without bleach will surely love this trend. It gives them the opportunity to rock various shades on their hair so easily and quickly.

Street Style 2019 Hair Color Ideas

Undoubtedly, what goes on the runway is interesting and inspiring for many of us. But sometimes we take examples from common stylish passerby women who rock fantastic looks, outfits, haircuts, hairstyles and makeups.  Here are the latest street looks with trendy hair colors for 2019. Discover how women embrace their hairstyles with modern and fresh shades on the Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Vibrant and eye-catching reddish hair color are now subtler and more natural looking. They are in warm yet soft tones and compliment light complexions. one of the most popular light reddish hair colors is the warm strawberry blonde. It’s an ideal choice for any season as it looks quite natural. This awesome hair color shines subtly under the sunny rays and makes your locks glossier.

2019 Trendy Hair Colors with Colorful Roots

Instead of the simple dark brown or black roots, designers and professionals offer us trendy hair colors with colorful roots for 2019. Perhaps this is the subtler version of the glitter roots, which grab so much attention and seem to be too festive. Your hair roots will look nicer in unique shades no matter your base hair color, skin tone and haircut. According to your current hair color, you can easily get an awesome hairstyle with flattering colored roots.colorful-roots-hair-colors-2019Grey Hair with Silver Blue Roots

We choose hair colors both closer and contrasting for base hair colors. In this case we have grey hair with well balanced silver blue roots. They create a harmonious ombre effect gradually changing the hues from dark to right. Besides, blue brings more interest to grey hair and makes your look more than angelic. This hair color combo is often seen on the runway combined with medium and long straight hairstyles.

Chocolate Mauve Hair Color Trend for 2019

The new chocolate mauve hair color trend for 2019 looks as gorgeous as it sounds. This amazing combination of brown and reddish pink, dark rose gold and mauve shades is ready to liven up our dark hair. Between all the possible hair colors for beunettes chocolate mauve seems to be the most luxurious one. We are more than confident that’s going to be the biggest hair color trend in 2019 among brow-haired women.chocolate-mauve-hair-colors-2019 Even blondes will love the idea of pulling off such a hot dark shade that’s close to modern balayage styles. If you are unsure about your next hair color idea then it’s the high time to think of the lavishing chocolate mauve. Mauve is an awesome tone of pink popular in fashion and makeup industry. Now, it has taken a step to the world of hairstyling. We are thankful to the skillful and creative stylists who have created it.

5 Hot Hair Color Ideas for 2019 from Celebrities

Although 2018 is not over yet, but we can’t help falling in love with the hottest celebrity hair color trends for 2019. Some stunners have already prompts us what’s going to be in thing in 2019 and we want to share with you these lovely shades. These are, perhaps the classiest hair colors that are going to become dominant very soon. Keep up with the fashion to be the first to try one of these Washington Brown Ombre Hair Color

Kerry Washington has dyed her dark hair in a warm brown ombre shade not only to accentuate her natural hue but also match with her warm skin tone. when going for dark hair color it’s necessary to pay attention to your natural shade. Try to take a tone that’s loser to it. Here Kerry Washington has gone for a dark mahogany red, which looks like a reddish brown and ideally works with her dark brown roots.

London Fashion Week 2019: Hair Color Inspiration

From edgy haircuts to unusual hair color and from trendy bangs to classic shades here are trendy hair color ideas for 2019 from London Fashion Week. Ready to switch up your hair color? don’t waste your time on old magazines and pictures. Find your next hair color inspiration between these gorgeous looks. These models never wear old-fashioned hair colors. They always choose the latest Pink Hair Color

We start from the boldest and most dramatic hair color seen at London Fashion Week. It’s the candy blondish pink hair color with more warmth then monotone pastel pinks. Combined with sleek and straight hairstyle as well as with trendy blunt bangs this pink hair color grabs attention. It works well with naturally blonde hair and compliments many skin tones.