Dark Hair Colors

The darker your hair color the fresher it will look. Check out these stunning dark hair colors to try in 2019. While light shades make us very angelic, darker tones emphasize our beauty and femininity. If you think that your current brunette shade is faded, then update it with another dark hair color. It can be even a deep red shade.

2019 Brunette Hair Color Trends for All Skin Tones

While blonde shades require special skin tones brunette hair colors go well with most complexions. All you need is the right tone of brunette according to your skin tone. Here are the best brunette hair colors for all skin tones 2019. This time we’ll focus on the most astonishing shades of brown to inspire you.brunette hair colors 2019Brunette Hair Color for Fair Skin

Dark brunette hair colors create cool contrasts with fair skin tones and light undertones. If you are looking for a matching shade of brown to bring out your light skin then there is the sophisticated chocolate brown to take into account. Brunette hair colors look awesome with flawless light skin. This is the best state to experiment with warm brown hues in their darkest tones. You can even opt for warm chestnut brown shades if you want to warm up your fair complexion.

Dark Roots Hair Color Inspiration 2019

Hair colors with dark roots for 2019 offer us creative solutions and tender ideas on how to style hair without too much effort and additional hair color mixtures. If you have light hair then the matter of an interesting hairstyle is solved. Now, you can go for flattering dark roots and get an awesome look. While some do it by hair colors, others use glitters. Have a look at the most fashionable dark roots hair color trends.Dark Roots Hair Color Inspiration 2019Dark Roots for Grey Hair Color

Make your granny hairstyle luxurious and flashier with dark roots. Deep brown or black is all you need for this cool hairstyle if you already have grey hair. While fully grey shade may make you look older dark roots bring a youthful touch. It’s even better if you pair this hair color idea with trendy haircuts. Look at this sleek lob hairstyle. It ideally goes with dark roots and light grey tips.

Dark Red Hair Colors for 2019: Celebrity Looks

Although natural redheads are not so many but there are celebrities who rock various shades of red to look like redheads. This tendency is growing every day and we meet many more examples of red hairstyles that inspire us to change up our shades. Check out these stunning dark red hair colors for 2019 taking examples form gorgeous redhead celebrities.  celebrity-dark-red-hair-colors-2017Bryce Dallas Howard’s Deep Red Hair Color

Bryce Dallas Howard rocks red hair for a long time. She chooses it for her long and short hairstyles as it’s one of the hottest hair colors that draw attention to her charming face. This deep red hair color compliments her rosy undertones and makes her green eyes pop out, that’s why she wears dark eye makeup to create a balance.

2019 Dark Hair Colors for Light Skin

One of the hardest things in the hair-coloring world is the right choice of the hair color for a particular skin tone and eye hue. Things become even harder when you decide to match your light skin with dark hair. In this case, you need to be too careful not to fail everything. Let’s discover the best dark hair colors for light skin for 2019. Here we have collected the best styles and shades that work well with light complexions.dark-hair-colors-for-light-skin-2019Soft Black Hair Color

Black is the most contrasting yet the most attractive shade to combine with light skin. This is an awesome idea if you want to become a true brunette with fair complexion. It will display all the charm and power of your flawless skin and will draw attention to your eyes if they are light. Before dying your hair in a deep black hue make sure, you really want to go for this flashy hue and choose a soft tone.

Amazing Dark Ombre Hair Colors

Popular dark hair colors such as black, brown, plum, burgundy, turquoise and caramel offer us unique ombre hair color ideas that sparkle on brunette mane. Actually the darker your base hair color the more ye-catching your ombre shade will look. All you need is just keeping the roots dark and color the end in a vibrant shade of red, caramel or any other original hue. These dark ombre hair color ideas ate the best examples for you to consider.dark-ombre-hair-colors-2019Black Turquoise Ombre Hair Color

Turquoise is one of the most flattering shades for black hair. It is ideally achieved on black locks and is usually used as stunning ombre style. this hair color is ideal for black women who have naturally black hair and just for the big fans of black strands. Ask your hairstylist to enhance your black shade with a jet black tint and dye the tips in a deep turquoise hair color. No matter you have a short or long haircut; it’s going to be awesome.

Coolest Dark Red Hair Colors

Maybe you are natural redhead or just a big fan of red hair colors. If you have always dreamed of having your hair in a cool dark red hair color, then you are in the right place. It’s not a secret that dark red hair colors bring a dramatic change and grab much attention. Women with deep red mane stand out in the crowd. Red is a high-impressive and eye-catching hue especially in its dark tones. So, be inspired by the following trendy looks.red-hair-colors-2019Dark Copper Hair Color

The darker your copper hair color the deeper your hairstyle will look. It never loses its shine even in its darkest tone. Copper is the shiniest red hair color with a mysterious touch of warm sunsets.  It is a vivid, intense and exiting choice for fair-skinned women. We know many celebrities rocking copper hair colors but the fleshiest options belong to those who pick the dark tones.

Blonde Hair Colors with Dark Roots

Dark roots with blonde hair are a special style. They stand out from the rest of blonde shades and look very eye-catching. If you are playing with the idea of a two-tone hair color and can’t make the right choice for your blonde tresses, start with dark roots. We call this a mini-ombre style, which tends to become a big trend for 2019. It is perfect both for long and short haircuts and many sue it as a cool trick for their pixie haircuts too. Have a look at these posh examples of blonde hair colors with dark roots and choose your ultimate hair color update.blonde hair with dark roots 2019Golden Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Here is Kylie Jenner with her next surprising hair color idea. This time we see her in golden mane and dark roots. Since she has medium to tanned skin tone the chosen combination looks well balanced with her complexion and eye hue. She has created a contrasting effect for her golden blonde hair color with the help of dark brown roots. However, both shades are warm in their tones and therefore look harmonious. You can use the same trick if you are not of with purely golden blonde mane.

Deep Grey Hair Colors

When you notice your first gray strands you start thinking of a dark hair color that can cover all your grays and keep you look youthful. However, grey is a trendy hair color with all its light and dark tones. Special for those who like to cover up whitish grey strands there is the deep and dark gray hair color that looks quite fresh and beautiful. It’s a dainty silver tone that compliments dark hair colors and tends to hide any flaws on light locks. If you ever decide to go for a dark grey hair color make your choice between these cool shades. You can even create stunning ombre looks by light and dark gray shades.dark grey hair colors 2019Deep Grey Hair Color and Dark Skin Tones

It’s quite obvious that dark hair colors look better and natural with dark skin tones. If you have such then try a new shade of grey to enhance your beautiful dark skin as well as to change your current brunette hair color, because many woken with dark skin tones also have dark hair colors. Dark skinned celebrities such as Rihanna, Jourdan Dunn, Ciara and Dascha Polanco have already experimented with this fresh hair color. Start 2019 with dark grey hair.

Dark Brown Hair Colors

The beauty of brown hair is sometimes hidden behind its darkness. The darker your hair color the deeper it looks. That’s why many women with thin tresses dye their locks in dark brown hair colors to create an impression of a thicker-looking hairstyle. Besides, dark brown shades add extra-shine and beauty. Have you ever though why dark-haired celebrities keep up with their natural shade and never ever change it into another hue? The reason is that brunette hair is the most seductive of all. Kit captures many male hearts and brings out your skin tone.dark brown hair colors 2019Dark Caramel Brown Hair Color

Warm and dark hair colors like caramel is a hot choice for brunettes who love rich and shiny hair colors in deep tints. Dark caramel brown will easily turn your hair into a thicker and more voluminous hairstyle thanks to the depth of the multi-toned brown shades. If you feel as if this is your ultimate hair color trend then take your long or medium hairstyle to the next level.

Subtlest Dark Blonde Hair Colors

When hair is fresh-colored, trendy and shiny, it speaks for itself without any major styles, makeups and vibrant accents. For those who are confused in the variety of blonde hair colors and can’t find the subtlest dirty tones, here are the best dark blonde hair color ideas. Pull off one of these shades to enhance your medium to dark skin tone, light or dark eyes.dirty-blonde-hair-colors-2019Kate Bosworth’s Dirty Blonde Hair Color

We remember Kate Bosworth with light platinum blonde shades. But once she has decide to go for a darker tone of blonde and made her choice between warm blonde and sun-kissed highlights. It’s one great way to switch up loose waves and create a multi-tone effect.