Tips and Tricks for Red Hair Colors

Dying hair in red is not a simple task if you are a natural brunette or blonde-haired lady. This process requires carefulness and special attention. Every shade of red asks for particular skin tones and eye hues. The lighter your skin tone the lighter should be your red shade and the darker your complexion the darker your brand new red needs to be. Many red hair colors are trendy these days and you can dye your hair in the most flattering tone of Hair Color Fades Quickly

Women who dye their hair in red face several problems such as the quick fade. So, why do red hair colors fade so quickly? Well, when it’s your natural hair color it won’t fade but if it’s a new shade for you then take special care of. Experts tell that red hair molecule is the largest of all dye molecules. It can fade away with each wash especially if you don’t use the right products. Once you dye your hair in red you should say goodbye to some of the common products and take red hair color protective shampoo and conditioner to keep your locks shiny, fresh and gorgeous. This is not a pastel shade to look beautiful even after fading. Bright reds fade faster and don’t look that Hair Color and Your Hair Type

Many believe that hair types play a great role when it comes to red hair colors. Actually it’s a myth you need to stop believing. The most important thing in this case, is the right care. It’s a matter of working with your undertones and pigments. Opt for light ginger, auburn, reddish brown, copper and other light red shades if you have light to medium skin tone and go for beautiful burgundy and darker red hair colors if you have tanned or darker skin tone. Check out our string of red hairstyles and find yours. Copy the best looks to enhance red hair Ups and Maintenance

Every hair color requires regular touch ups, so does red. After dying you should wait up to 3three days before washing as the shampoo can easily take away your hair color when it’s newly and freshly-dyed. It’s also important to wash hair with cold or cool water as hot water is harsh for colored hair. In order to maintain your red hair and protect from harsh chemicals avoid too much use of hair products and heating tools. Keep up with shiny and sleek hairstyles or go for natural-looking waves and curls. Short-haired women will spend less time and efforts on hair styling. Even if you use heating tools make sure to protect your hair beforehand with creams and color protective