Red Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

Women who are after an edgy and fiery red hair color to switch up their look should first discover the best red hair colors and skin tones. All you have to do is pulling off the shade of red that works well with your complexion and suits your eyes. It’s also important to pay attention to your natural hair color. So, today we’ll help you to unveil the world of red hair color palette and find the most flattering hue for your some hair colors are quite easy to pull off some others require carefulness and professionalism. Red is not a simple shade to play with. It has millions of dark and light tones, which compliment different skin tones. And while red hair looks amazing with all skin tones, you still need to find yours to look natural and Hair Colors and Light Skin

If you have pale to cool skin tone with light green or blue eyes you have the chance to look like a true redhead. In this case, the best red hair colors for you are the reddish strawberry blonde, ginger and light coppers. I some cases you can also rely on light auburn hues. They ideally go with light skin tones and eyes and tend to create a real ginger look. Many women with blonde hair, light skin and eyes opt for one of these shades to let everyone forget that they are

red-hair-and-pale-skin-tone-2019Red Hair Colors for Olive and Dark Skin

In case you have olive to dark skin tone and want to wear a rich shade of red on your tresses, there are the attractive mahogany red, burgundy and deep auburn. According to the darkness or warmth of your skin, you can make your choice between medium to dark red hair

red-hair-and-dark-skin-2019It’s always a good idea to consult with a stylist before dying your hair in red. You’d better take an image with you and explain what your really want. After you dye your hair, you should use the right products to protect it from fading. Use shampoos and conditioners made specifically for red or at least colored hair. Keep it stylish and pretty with trendy haircuts and hairstyles. Here you see gorgeous examples of red hair colors and hairstyles, which will help you to decide what cut you need for your new shade. After all the secret of a fancy hairstyle depends on the cut and shade.ginger-red-hair-2019