Coolest Dark Red Hair Colors

Maybe you are natural redhead or just a big fan of red hair colors. If you have always dreamed of having your hair in a cool dark red hair color, then you are in the right place. It’s not a secret that dark red hair colors bring a dramatic change and grab much attention. Women with deep red mane stand out in the crowd. Red is a high-impressive and eye-catching hue especially in its dark tones. So, be inspired by the following trendy Copper Hair Color

The darker your copper hair color the deeper your hairstyle will look. It never loses its shine even in its darkest tone. Copper is the shiniest red hair color with a mysterious touch of warm sunsets.  It is a vivid, intense and exiting choice for fair-skinned women. We know many celebrities rocking copper hair colors but the fleshiest options belong to those who pick the dark tones.deep-copper-hair-color-2019Dark Auburn Hair Color

There are reddish brown hair colors that go well with medium skin tones and look natural with light eyes. Dark auburn hair colors are combinations of deep reds and browns, which create a rich effect on hair. It’s a perfect choice for women with green, hazel or brown eyes. In order to spice up your current ginger or light brown hair you can go ahead with this warm and spicy hue.dark-auburn-hair-color-2019Dark Mahogany Hair Color

Dark mahogany is a wood-y shade that compliments light to medium complexions and tends to warm up cool undertones and light eyes. This hair color works well with naturally brown shades. It will surely change up your look and create a well balanced effect. Just consult with your stylist to assure mahogany red flatters your complexion.dark-mahogany-red-hair-color-2019Dark Burgundy Red Hair Color

The darkest red hair colors are burgundy, Marsala, plum and cherry. They are so close to each other in their tones that you’ll hardly differentiate between them. Whatever you choose the result will be hot, eye-catching, fresh and deep. It’s a dark violet hue that tends to be dramatic and memorable. Burgundy red hair color suits people with olive or dark complexions but can also be fabulous with light skin tones. It is incredibly striking with light eyes.burgundy-hair-color-2019Dark Fiery Red Hair Color

As for the gorgeous fiery red hair color, it’s a hot shade for short haircuts. Why? Because the fiery reflection is much flashier on short cuts. Thus, if you have a short haircut which needs to be taken to the next level, here is the dark fiery red hair color. It is a good tone of red for light and medium skin tones.dark-fiery-red-hair-color-2019