2019 Best Black Ombre Hair Colors

When it comes to black hair colors stylists recommend being careful enough for hair color choices. Black is a classic hair color that doesn’t look pretty with any hair color combination. It requires specific approach and styling methods. If you have black hair and want to liven it up with a posh touch, be inspired by these black ombre hair colors for 2019.ombre-hair-colors-for-black-hair-2019Black Red Ombre Hair Color

One of the most required ombre shades for dark hair is black to red ombre. It’s a new and modern hair coloring idea for black women. Since you have dark skin tone and dark hair you can pull off dark burgundy shade at the tips of your tresses and enjoy your brand new hairstyle. Women with light skin tones and black hair can experiment with brighter and warmer red tones.

Hair Color Ideas for Fair Skin 2019

In order to pull off the right hair color for your complexion you should consider several important factors such as your skin undertones, eye hue and current shade. pale or fair-skinned women sometimes hardly find a natural looking hair color to match with their complexion. Today we will offer you hair color ideas for fair skin to use in 2019. Avoiding too eye-catching and vibrant shades, make a cute choice between the following hair colors.hair-colors-for-fair-skin-2019Hair Colors for Fair Skin and Blue Eyes

This is one of my favorite combinations that becomes even nicer with some trendy hair colors. Actually most women with fair skin and blue eyes are blessed with pinkish or purple undertones which means that they have cool complexion. So, opt for sun-kissed blonde hair colors to look natural and dark shades to get a seductive brunette touch.

Super Mario Inspired Hair Colors for 2019

One of our favorite ’80s video game characters, Super Mario has become a cool inspiration for hair colorists. What else can stylist bring to the fashion world? The fun, colorful and amazing Super Mario hair color ideas for 2019 represent the next pixel shades for straight hair. A kind of hair dye art that can highlight your individual style is now called Super Mario.super-mario-hair-color-ideas-2019What is Super Mario Hair Color?

The fist styles of Xpresion Creativos were created by talented Spanish hair colorists in  Madrid, Spain. Xpresion Creativos is a company dedicated R&D in hairdressing. The team of this professional colorists made a splash last year with their modern and innovative pixelated hair color technique.

2019 Best Hair Colors for Thin Hair

Every hair type requires special shades to look prettier. When it comes to thin hair you need to find out hair colors that can hide visible roots and make your hairstyles look fuller. You should make the right hair color idea for thin hair the same way as you look for the most flattering shade for your eye hue and skin tone. today we will outline some hair coloring tips and tricks that can help you take your thin hairstyle to the next level.hair-colors-for-thin-hair-2019Dark Hair Colors for Thin Hair

The best solution for thin hair is dying it in a dark shade of brown or black. This trick is used very often among brunettes who have naturally dark locks. A new tone of brunette will make your fine hair shinier and fresher. It will hide thinning roots and will create a full looking effect. Make your choice between jet black or warm and dark brown hair colors such as espresso, chocolate, coffee and so on. It’s better to go for a monotone hair color instead of two-tone effects. Keep up with regular touch ups to hold the shine of your strong shade.

Dark Brown Hair with Fresh Highlights

Single-tone hairstyles are not always trendy and beautiful. While there are fancy hair highlighting ideas, you don’t need to stay in one shade especially when your hair is dark. Paying with hair colors has become a fun way of beautifying your hair. Just find a trustful and professional hair colorist and ask for flattering hair highlights for dark brown hair. If you can’t make the right decision then check out this helpful guide to the freshest and trendiest hair highlights for dark brown tresses.highlights-for-dark-hair-2017Red Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Dark copper and auburn highlights are trendy hair colors, but they can serve as hair highlights for dark brown locks. Every hair highlighting idea requires its rules. This tricks best works with hair tips. So, instead of overall highlighting you’d better add reddish hues at the tips of your hair creating a richer and fiery effect.

5 Brightest Hair Colors for 2019

Bright hair colors for 2019 are so versatile that you can hardly find the desired shade. In order to make things easier start by categorizing the colors. You can consider light, dark and bright shades of many hair colors as spate categories and then decide which one you like most of all. Today we’ll speak about the 5 brightest hair colors for 2019. Are you ready for a huge transformation? If yes, then check out these hot and vibrant hair color ideas.bright-hair-colors-2019Orange Hair Color

It’s more than obvious that orange is one of the brightest hair colors in the rich palette. It  grabs attention and makes you think of a hot hair color makeover. Such a crazy and warm shade will immediately refresh your hairstyle and make you look younger. Many women over 40 who want to look younger often make their choice between bright hair colors. This helps them to become more girlish and attractive.

Dark Red Hair Colors for 2019: Celebrity Looks

Although natural redheads are not so many but there are celebrities who rock various shades of red to look like redheads. This tendency is growing every day and we meet many more examples of red hairstyles that inspire us to change up our shades. Check out these stunning dark red hair colors for 2019 taking examples form gorgeous redhead celebrities.  celebrity-dark-red-hair-colors-2017Bryce Dallas Howard’s Deep Red Hair Color

Bryce Dallas Howard rocks red hair for a long time. She chooses it for her long and short hairstyles as it’s one of the hottest hair colors that draw attention to her charming face. This deep red hair color compliments her rosy undertones and makes her green eyes pop out, that’s why she wears dark eye makeup to create a balance.

Subtle Sombre Hair Colors

Those who have already experimented with ombre hair colors will surely like the idea of its modern style. Here is the sombre hair color trend, which is the softer and subtler ombre shade. Well, we don’t say goodbye to ombre hair colors. They will be in thing in 2019 too, but we offer a cooler solution for your hair. Los of stunning celebrities have sported ombre hair but a few have gone for the sombre style, which means that it tends to become popular in 2019 and you have enough time to decide which hues and tones you prefer most of all.sombre-hair-colors-2019What is Sombre Hair Color?

So, as the name suggests sombre is a type of subtle ombre. It is a dainty graduation of meting hues from the roots to the tips. In spite of its simple and small change, it still makes a huge difference between your previous and next hairstyles. This natural-looking hair coloring idea from dark to light is a perfect solution for those who want to brighten up their hair tips and keep the top in a shinier dark shade.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Hair Color Makeover

Everyone who has ever followed Jennifer Lawrence’s style has probably noticed how wisely she makes her hairstyle and hair color choices. She never fails and therefore comes up with a variety of cool looks and inspiring styles. Today we’ll represent Jennifer Lawrence’s hair color makeover special for those who like to play with contrasting hair colors. Here are Jennifer Lawrence’s best hair color ideas.jennifer-lawrence-hair-colors-2019Jennifer Lawrence Dark Brown Hair Color

Remember her brunette locks? A few of you may remember Jennifer Lawrence’s dark brown hair color in a long sleek hairstyle. It’s one of the edgiest shades that she rocks with her medium complexion. This hair color is in thing these days and seems to be an ideal choice for long-haired classic women who prefer straight hairstyles. Jennifer Lawrence rocks it like a real brunette. Dark brown warms up her complexion and makes her eyes pop out.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Best Hair Colors

If you are wondering whether there are hair colors that match almost all complexions then follow Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s best hair colors. She knows which shades look natural and go well with her medium skin tone. She always opts for the shades that enhance her natural beauty. Have a look at these hues of blonde and brown and go for a new hair color in 2019.rosie-huntington-whiteley-hair-colors-2019Rosie Huntington’s Balayage Hair Color

What captures our hearts in Rosie Huntington’s look is her hair and seductive facial expression. This stunner rocks trendy hair colors like the popular balayage. The free-hand hair coloring technique where gentle dye is painted on through the ends has become one of her favorite styles. Avoid too much bleach if you want to get this amazing result. Opt for light and dark hair color combos.