2019 Warm Highlights for Blonde Hair

Blonde has always given us the best canvas for multi-tone hair highlights. There are times when traditional versions of hair highlights are not enough for our complete unique look. Hair highlighting has not been as exciting as today. We see creative and innovative combinations of shades with our natural hair colors. Welcome warm highlights for blonde hair for 2019. Let’s warm up our light locks with fresh tones.warm-highlights-for-blonde-hairPink Highlights for Blonde Hair

The best futuristic hair highlights for blonde locks are pink shades. They are warm and eye-catching and therefore make you stand out in the crowd. Even the shortest haircut becomes fabulous with pink highlights. They can be placed on the front strands or bangs to draw attention. Women with layered or asymmetrical haircuts may experiment with fancier pink highlights.

2019 Creative Blonde Hair Colors

No one may deny the fact that blonde is a fun and feminine hair color. If you have blonde hair then you are already charming and subtle. The latest blonde hair colors for 2019 differ from the rest of styles that you know. These are much more interesting and creative, so they are worth trying. Probably below represented models and celebrities are having more fun than you. Would you like to look like one of them? Have a look at these pictures.blonde-hair-colors-2019Blonde Hair Color for Black Women

Usually black women avoid light blonde hair colors as they think that blonde won’t look pretty with their dark complexion. However, there is always a cool solution when you keep up with the trends. In this case black women seeking for blonde hair can keep some part of their hair in a dark tone for a mutual balance. If you have gone for a pixie cut and it seems harsh for you, then you need to soften it with a light hair color. So, choose this combination.

Top 5 Ombre Hair Colors for Bob Cuts

Everyone knows who beautiful ombre hair colors are. This creative hair coloring technique combines dark roots with lighter tips so harmoniously and daintily that stylist have decided to match it with short haircuts too. With the popularity of short haircuts ombre also becomes more than requested. Here are the best ombre hair colors for bob cuts.  Make your next hair color choice between these 5 trendy styles.ombre-bob-hairstyles-2019Dark Brown to Blonde Ombre Bob

The first ombre hair color considered as the most popular for short bob haircuts is the dark brown to blonde combo. These hair colors are contrasting but so harmonious for each other. They complete the each other’s flaws and provide hair with a rich multi-tone effect. If anyone with short bob haircut wants to experiment with a neutral two-tone hair color, then this style is the best one.

Graffiti Hair Trend for 2019

Hair stenciling and graffiti hair trends have become 2019’s number one fun hair coloring ideas. They are the most creative, most interesting and brightest hair color ideas that work on straight or slightly wavy hair. Here you’ll see delightful graffiti hair colors for 2019. They will change your mind of getting a monotone and traditional hair color this year. From now on, you’ll start thinking of a multidimensional an fascinating hairstyle.graffiti-hair-colors-2017What is Graffiti Hair Color?

Each time we are offered a new temporary hair color idea we get excited because who won’t like the idea of a bright and fun hairstyle for a couple of days? Graffiti is your ultimate temporary hair color that marries a touch of vibrant, spray-paint-effect, which provides your hair with colorful shapes and designs.

2019 Cotton Candy Hairstyle Ideas

Festive days are already in the corner and we are supposed to think of fabulous hair color and hairstyle ideas. What we do with our hair to make it look festive? Well, first of all we think of a fresh, vivid and bright hair color and then pick a matching hairstyle. Are you ready for cotton candy hairstyles in 2019? If yes, then find your next inspiration in this string of cotton candy hair colors and hairstyles.cotton-candy-hair-colors-hairstyles-2019Cotton Candy Soft Hairstyle

Although most cotton candy hairstyles are in messy, curly and frizzy but there are also some softer and subtler styles like this cute hairdo. Pink is the main shade that represents the cotton candy effect. It is very beautiful with blonde highlights and base hair colors. Women with naturally blonde hair can pull off fantastic cotton candy hairstyles with pink shades. This glamorous hairstyle will give you an angelic look and will bring out your eyes. Combine it with pink lips.

Popular Celebrity Hair Color Ideas

A new season is already here and all we need is a new hair color inspiration. These 5 popular hair color ideas from celebs will help you to update your look and get a fancier appearance. If you are tired of your current hair color, then say goodbye to it and welcome one of these cool shades. Something brighter, fresher or shinier has always been desired and loved. So, let’s start!hair-colors-for-2019Irene Kim Unicorn Hair Color

Multi-tone or the so-called unicorn hair colors are very popular these days. They have become common due to some brave celebrities such as Irene Kim. She rocks a fresh, bright and stunning unicorn hair color with the combination of dark roots, peachy middle part and pinkish to blue tips. This gradual change or shades has nothing in common but it looks very interesting and balanced. Everyone can create her own unicorn hairstyle with her favorite hues.

Light Brown Hair Colors with Highlights 2019

Light brown hair means that you already have a trendy look. The next step is enhancing it with stunning highlights. With highlights any transformation of hair color is getting softer. If you are in a search of hair highlight for light brown hair for 2019 then keep on reading. This guide to the flattering highlights will help you find a good idea for your light brown hair.light-brown-hair-with-highlights-2019Light Brown Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights

Cool-toned and light highlights like ash blonde compliment light brown hair colors. They ideally go with olive skin tones and bring a blondish touch to your hair. This is for women who don’t want to go for fully blonde hairstyles but still want to try a blondish effect. Ash blonde is something between smokey brown and light blonde tones, that’s why the result is awesome.

Latest Hairstyles for Red Hair

Red hair is not a traditional and neutral style among us. We are always amused by the latest red hair color ideas. Many women rock red hair color but a few are familiar with the trendy haircuts that flatter this shade. If you have red hair, then check out these fancy hairstyles for red hair. They will open your eyes wider and will prompt that you have been wearing the wrong haircuts for your red hair so far. Take the best examples of models and celebrities who know how to deal with red hair.hairstyles-for-red-hair-2017Choppy Cuts for Red Hair

If you have decided to go for a short haircut to update your red hair, you’d better choose a choppy, textured and layered pixie cut according to your face shape. This is the boldest red hairstyle you’ll ever meet in the fashion industry. It screams attention and keeps all eyes on your powerful look. Keep your shade always vibrant, shiny and fresh not to lose the gained attention from your surroundings. Short red haircuts are the most glamorous styles to match with glossy red lips and smokey eye makeups.   

Funky Hair Highlights 2019

Edgy, bold and funky equally describe the same state of hair. With different layered, asymmetrical and sharp haircuts you won’t look as brave as with funky hair highlights in 2019. Whatever you try you’ll definitely need to emphasize your new style with vibrant shades and tints. We happy to announce, that 2019 is the year of the hottest hair color and hair highlighting experiments which make our hairstyles richer and trendier. Check out the boldest solutions for dark and light hair colors.funky-hair-highlights-2019Orange Hair Highlights

Both blonde and darker hair colors look nice with orange highlights. They warm up any shade making it eye-catching and unique. Orange highlights placed on jet black hair colors are one of the edgiest and hottest solutions. Of course, this shade looks subtler on light hair colors. You can sometimes combine orange highlights with reddish tones for a richer effect. Women with layered haircuts will get amazing results with orange highlights. You can place them on the most eye-catching parts of your hair to grab attention. Just make sure you want to warm up your current hair color and then take this step.

2019 Rich Light Caramel Hair Colors

We call caramel a rich hair color idea as it is a great combination of several light brown tones and warm highlights. This hair color has light and dark shades, which compliment most skin tones and make hairstyles sparkling, luscious and shiny. Its shimmering hint is so gorgeous that many fall in love with it and each time they think of another hair color they feel that they won’t find something richer and fancier. So, the gorgeous light caramel hair color for 2019 is your next trendy shade if you want something between brunette and blonde hair colors.light-caramel-hair-colors-2019How to Get:

Depending on the manufacturer, caramel shades are sometimes called light golden brown with toffee or butterscotch nuances . Like any light brown hair color caramel also requires light base shades to look so shiny and fresh. It’s better to dye your hair in a caramel hair color if you already have a light shade. Black hair colors will not immediately become caramelized if you take the tint and dye your tresses.