2019 Amazing Multi-Tonal Hair Highlights

Taking into account the fact that many multi-tone hair colors for 2019 are vibrant and flashy today we will discuss some of the most popular options. These amazing multi-tonal hair colors can give you the best ideas on how to style your locks with cute highlights.  The fresher your highlights the healthier your hair will look.2019 Amazing Multi-Tonal Hair HighlightsWarm Hair Highlights

Between the most fashionable warm hair highlights brown and caramelized shades have their special place. If you have brunette hair and want to warm it up use brown and caramel multi-tone highlights. Place them all over the hair from the top to the tips and focus on the face framing strands.

Warm Blonde Hair Colors 2019

We mainly meet light and neutral blonde shades but there are also warm blonde hair colors for 2019. Women with fair skin tones usually look for shades that can warm up their complexion and make them more sophisticated. If you are one of them then check out these warm tones of blonde and instead of changing your base hue in a hot brown or fiery red shade, just enhance your natural blonde.Warm Blonde Hair Colors 2019Warm Golden Blonde Hair Color

Golden blonde is an eternal hair color with the glossy sun-kissed touch in it. It’s beautifully worn on light blonde hair and goes well with light to medium skin tones and light eyes. Lately stylists beautify golden blonde shades with gold leaf and slicked back hair trends. They provide with a festive look and emphasize the golden tint.

Hair Color Ideas for 2019: Catwalk Looks

Many shades of red, brunette and brown are updated each year with new tones and subtler touches. Check out these trendy hair colors for 2019 from catwalk looks and decide whether you want to switch up your look or not. You’ll surely want to try one of these hair colors. So, start right today to have a fresh and festive look in 2019.hair-color-ideas-for-2019-catwalk-looksDark Auburn Hair Color

While natural redheads embrace their hair color with brighter red tones brunettes and blondes opt for dark auburn hair colors to warm up their complexion and look like true redheads. Whatever your aim, auburn is a lovely red shade to try this year. It is ideal for women who have light skin, light hair and light eyes and need some warmth in their appearance. This hair color idea is one of the bests for light brown hair too. It compliments brown, hazel and lighter eyes.

Brightest Hair Highlights

While thinking of new hair colors and highlights we mostly focus on natural-looking or common shades. But what about bright hair highlights? They can change your hairstyle like no any other hair color can do. The following styles of bright highlights are collected carefully special for all natural hair colors. Find yours and show us how unique you can be with an unusual hair color combination.brightest-hair-highlights-for-2019Bright Yellow Highlights

Yellow is one of the brightest shades in the hair color palette. It is an ideal choice for women with dark hair. Raven and jet black locks cane become incredibly eye-catching with yellow highlights. Of course, you can add it on lighter hair colors but the darker your base shade the flashier will be the result. 

Best Hair Color Ideas with Glitter Roots

Glitter roots are the latest trendy touches for different formal and festive hairstyles. They are usually combined with rainbow and bright hair colors. Discover the best hair colors with glitter roots and create your prom look with sparkling and delightful touches. You can copy some of the hairstyles represented below.best-hair-color-ideas-with-glitter-roots-2019Pink Hair Color with Glitter Roots

One of the most popular shades for the moment is the girlish pink. It is not only a subtle and feminine hue but also a great hair color idea. Women dye their locks in pastel, dark and cotton candy pink shades and go for tight double buns. Then they highlight those roots with shiny glitters. The result is pink hair with dark glittered roots. It’s something new in the fashion world and will make you stand out in the crowd.

Amber Heard’s Hair Color Makeover

Every time Amber Heard pulls off a new hair color she does her best to look more gorgeous and delightful. Her succeeded experiments soon become big trends after she appears on the screens and on the red carpet. This actress likes to play with elegant hair colors and hairstyles some of which are represented below. Check out Amber Heard’s hair color makeover to steal her style.amber-heards-hair-color-makeover-2019Amber Heard Sombre Hair Color

Amber Heard is a big fan of multi-tone hair colors. She likes to combine light and dark shades of the same family and always gets fancy combinations. Since both blonde and brunette shades go well with her complexion she easily wears sombre hair colors with dark and light hair color mixtures.it goes without saying that she carefully matches those hair colors with the best hairstyles.

2019 Mahogany Hair Colors

Mahogany is a wood inspired hair color with reddish-brown base. It’s a deep and rich hair color to match with various complexions.  Some call it mahogany red and some think that it’s mahogany brown. Both opinions can be right as we see several tone of mahogany and some are too reddish, some are too brownish. No matter, what you call it, it’s a delightful hair color to rock in 2019. Check out these trendy mahogany hair colors for 2019.2019 Mahogany Hair ColorsMahogany Hair Color and Your Skin Tone

First of all, keep in mind that mahogany is a deep yet natural-looking red hair color and you are looking for a bolder red shade, then think of another red hue. Mahogany red is a great hair color for women over 40. It is awesome with short, medium and long hairstyles. Such a warm and delightful hair color compliments light to medium skin tones with green, hazel or light brown eyes.

Amazing Blue Hair Colors for 2019

Dying your hair a crazy hair color is not a simple game to play. You should meet an expert to make sure you have done the right choice and are going to get the desired effect. When it comes to trendy blue hair colors for 2019 we meet many celebs and models rocking blue hairstyles with silvery, denim and pastel touches. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular blue shades to try this year.Amazing Blue Hair Colors for 2019Deep Blue Hair Color

Brunettes can dye their hair in blue without bleach if they make their choice between the dark blue hair colors. There is also the trendy blue black hair color, which you can choose for dark brunette hair colors. Common dark blues are worn on lighter brunette shades. This is an awesome way to change up your look into a fancier one.

2019 Coolest Hair Color Trends for Hazel Eyes

Skin tone and eye hue are the basic factors that play a great role in a hair color choice. Check out this list of the coolest hair colors for hazel eyes for 2019 to find out the best shade for your hair. We did a great research for you to discover the loveliest hues and tones of blonde, brown and red both for your hazel eyes and skin tone. Enhance your hair shade to draw attention to your beautiful eyes.hazel eyes hair colors 2019Hair Colors for Hazel Eyes/ Light Skin

Light, pale and fair skin tones with hazel eyes are bright and very interesting. If you have such complexion then you need to try hair colors that bring out your eyes. Between the best crazy hair colors there are several dark and light options to pick up. Since hazel is a kind of multidimensional hue you can highlight your lock in matching shades of blonde, brown and green. Dark hair colors such as black or deep brown can be combined with pale skin and hazel eyes. These shades create an edgy look, while light blondes and reds make it look natural.

Bold Hair Color Ideas from Celebs

From two-tone hair colors to the craziest bold hair color ideas from celebs here are your favorite shades that you have always dreamed to pull off like your natural hair color. Celebrities such as Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Nicole Richie, Demi Lovato and Lily Allen are going to inspire you to dye your locks in vibrant hair colors and get a dramatic change.bold-hair-color-ideas-from-celebs-2019Kylie Jenner Dark Green Hair Color

Is there a hair color that Kylie hasn’t tried yet? If there is, then we’ll won’t wait long to see her in that particular shade too. She is one of the youngest celebrities who inspire teenagers with their crazy hair color ideas. Dark green is perhaps her most original hair color. This unique shade goes well with her dark hair and tanned complexion creating a festive Christmas style. We have seen her in other green hair colors, but this very tone is more vibrant and original. It differs from the rest of her green hair colors.