Seducing Red Hair Color Inspiration

Red, of all hair colors in the fashion world is the most impressive and eye-catching one. Thanks to the rich hair color palette, we are able to get both natural and dramatic red hair colors on our locks. Recently many more stylish stars pull off red hair to look like real redheads. Of course, some fail and some succeed because red is not a common blonde or brown hair color to play with. It requires special attention and carefulness. Below you are going to see the latest red hair color trends which seek to inspire you with their posh touch and modern looks. So, be ready for a cool hair colors 2019Burgundy Red Hair Color

Starting from the darkest red hair color, I would like to represent the rich burgundy shade, which has the wine-y effect in it. Although it is far from looking natural but its delightful mystery captures many hearts. The best thing about burgundy red hair color is that it compliments most skin tones and eye hues. There is something really appealing in burgundy red hair be it short or long. We love its reflection on dark hair and the huge transformation that it does with light complexions.

Subtlest Light Hair Highlights

When you want to soften your hair color you opt for highlights. Whether you get it softer or harsher depends on the chosen hues and tones. Of course, it’s obvious that the lighter your highlights the subtler your hair color will look. So, instead of vibrant and bright hues you are supposed to go for light tones to create the desired exquisite effect. Our team has done a thorough research to find out the trendiest light hair highlights to inspire your for your next hair coloring season.light hair highlights 2019Light Pastel Highlights

Special for ladies who are tired of the same traditional hair highlights here is the light pastel game. It’s a cool idea especially for festivals, holidays and special parties. If you avoid permanent hair dyes, you can try pastel chalks. They are everywhere in the fashion world and allow you to enjoy colorful hair just a few days. Once you wash your hair, they are faded away. So, you can try this for your birthday party.

Popular Hair Highlights

Hollywood stars and famous women always try new hair coloring and highlighting trends matching their skin tones and eye hues. Leaving alone all the failed and unpleasant experiments today we will represent the most popular hair highlights for those who have decided to style their locks with tender hues.  We love all these admiring and simple highlights with edgy solutions and Hadid Light Blonde Highlights

Our fabulous model Gigi Hadid is a big fan of natural looking highlights. She rocks light blonde highlights with her dark hair and darker highlights with light base hair colors. The results are always neutral and pretty. Here we see her face framing blonde highlights, which compliment her light yes. They are charming even in messy updo hairstyles. It’s one of her best experiments that has become trendy these days.

New Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

They say that men fall in love with brunettes and never forget their mystery. If this is all about you then check out the newest hair color ideas for brunettes to spice up your vamp-y look with a modern twist. Sometimes monotone and dark brunette hair colors become very pretty and trendy with the help of lighter, brighter or more vibrant hues. Here collected shades will surely give you the chance to find Brown Hair Color

This sandy and beach brown hair color is generally a cool choice for the hot summer seasons. It will lighten up your complexion and go well with your beach wavy hairstyles. Gigi Hadid often opts for light and dark hair color combos, which compliment her medium skin tone. It makes her face appear with a softer touch and keeps her hair color neutral and natural. the stylist has done his/her best to do everything carefully so finely so that she won’t get any major demarcations or root lines.

Subtle Rose Gold Hair Colors

What do you know about the versatility of hair colors? Classic blonde, brunette red or even ombre shades are not enough to tell that you are familiar with the trendy hues. Today there are so many hues and tones of the same hair color that you even get confused in the huge variety of options. Things are much more complicated when it comes to hair color mixtures and combinations like the rose gold hair color. Let’s discover this new and subtle shade for 2019.rose gold hair color ideas 2019What is Rose Gold Hair Color?

It’s better to realize what the rose gold hair color is first and then go ahead with its possible tones and hues. So, rose gold is the pink-y metallic shade of rose that has golden tints and shine. It is the favorite hue of many celebrities such as Emma Roberts and Elle Fanning. Today many wear the light metallic rose hair color and highlight it with sun-kissed golden shades. Without being too pink and vibrant rose gold provides you with a tender hair color and keeps all eyes on your super feminine look.

Unique Ombre Hair Color Ideas

The word ombre literally means shade or shadow, which represents two-tone hair colors. The combinations of two or more hair colors are usually bold, crazy and original. However, there are both common and classic ombre shades and unique ombre hair color ideas for all tastes and interests. If you are looking for the latter style then check out our collection of the craziest ombre hair color combinations to use in 2019.unique-ombre-hair-colors-2019Green Ombre Hair Color

Dark black or dark green roots with lighter green tips creates a sophisticated  and mysterious combination of shades. This ombre hair color is ideal for dark-haired women. It will appeal to those who have dark brunette locks and want to change it at the tips. Go for a deep turquoise green hair color and take your brunette hairstyle to the next level.

Sweet Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Chocolate brown hair color is the richest of all brown shades. It is as sweet as its name and is as soft as its shiny tones. However, it’s not that easy to get the right shade of chocolate brown hair color as many brown hues look like each other. Just as there are millions of brown hues, we will define the main types of chocolate brown. Generally chocolate brown hair color is considered as a deep, dark yet warm hue with red or gold undertones, which shine daintily under the bright rays of the sun.chocolate brown hair colors 2019 Since chocolate brown has silky sheen, it looks very glossy and attractive. Wearing chocolate brown on your dark hair, you can achieve a stronger and glossier tone. So, the main tones of chocolate brown are: rich chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate velvet, mocha, mink and walnut. Each chooses the shade that goes well with her complexion.

Subtlest Dark Blonde Hair Colors

When hair is fresh-colored, trendy and shiny, it speaks for itself without any major styles, makeups and vibrant accents. For those who are confused in the variety of blonde hair colors and can’t find the subtlest dirty tones, here are the best dark blonde hair color ideas. Pull off one of these shades to enhance your medium to dark skin tone, light or dark eyes.dirty-blonde-hair-colors-2019Kate Bosworth’s Dirty Blonde Hair Color

We remember Kate Bosworth with light platinum blonde shades. But once she has decide to go for a darker tone of blonde and made her choice between warm blonde and sun-kissed highlights. It’s one great way to switch up loose waves and create a multi-tone effect.

Tender Blue Black Hair Color

The tender dark blue hair color that we seldom meet in the fashion industry is a mysterious and attractive hair color that works with most complexions. The secret why it is so gentle and tender is hidden behind the dark bluish hints. Many think that this the ultimate black hair color but no. It’s a dark blue shade with rick undertones and hues that sparkle under the rays of the sun. So, blue black hair color is a great idea for women who look for a unique dark hair color to show their daring black hair colors 2019Blue Black Hair Color and Your Complexion

If you are a brunette woman with dark skin and want to experiment with another mysterious hair color then the lovely blue black can serve as a good choice for you. Compared with many dark hair colors it looks astounding on naturally dark mane and goes well with coo undertones. Black women with cool undertones may consider this hair color in 2019.

Soft Tortoiseshell Hair Color

We have tons of ideas on how to mix hues to get new hair colors but some are just cool and incredible. One of them is the tortoiseshell hair color idea, which has the concept of a three-tone combinations of browns and blondes. Many stylists believe that tortoiseshell is one of the warmest hair colors that has both brown and blonde hues in a harmonious mixture. It has a darker color at the roots and becomes lighter at the middle and tips as well as a light golden highlight on the surface of the mane. tortoiseshell-hair-colors-2019Women who avoid having golden tints on their hair may not consider this hair color for their locks. It’s special for those who love the sun-kissed golden hint in the middle of dark shades. Tortoiseshell hair color is created for stylish ladies who love the trendy combo between Brazilian brown and blonde which sparkle beautifully on hair with their warmth and neutral, muted, sometimes even natural tones.