Lovely Pastel Hair Highlights

We use different shades of blonde, brunette and red as hair highlights for our base hair colors. Few of us go bolder or choose unusual hues that grab attention. However there is a trendy style that appeals to most women who want to experiment with an innovative hair highlighting idea. Thus, if you are tired of the traditional hair colors and highlights, it’s the high time for you to discover the beauty of pastel highlights on different hairstyles.pastel highlights for 2019Pastel Blue Hair Highlights

The peaceful pastel blue highlights is the shade you need for your light ash brown or blonde hair color. It looks perfect on the tips and face framing strands. Women with blue eyes look incredible with pastel blue highlights. This hue allows them to create a well-balanced and more charming style. Ask you stylist for dip dyed tips or just pastel blue highlights at the ends on the hair and refresh it every two or three weeks.

Lovely Light Brown Hair Color Ideas

Not too dark, nor too light is the sophisticated light brown hair color with its subtle tones. Here are the best light brown hair colors and hairstyles to inspire you for your next salon visit. Depending on your skin tone and eye hue, you can choose either a cool or a warm tone of light brown to create a natural look. This gorgeous tint is able to bring out all your softness and tenderness.light-brown-hair-colors-2019Light Golden Brown Hair Color

Light base brown hair colors become sparkling, healthy and shinier with golden tints. If you seek for an extra-rich hair color for your current brown shade, you’d better opt for the golden brown hair color. Medium to light skin tones flatter this hair color. If you have naturally medium brown hue, you will easily pull off the golden effect. After coloring, avoid too much use of hair irons and heating tools. Protect your golden mane with the right shampoo and conditioner.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color

While it’s not so easy to get platinum blonde hair color on hair many celebrities and stylish women pull off it by all means. This glamorous white blonde hair color captures not only natural blondes, but also dark-haired women. Even if it requires deep bleaching we meet dark-haired Hollywood stars like Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora rocking platinum blonde hair. It’s really a fresh and posh hair color fro 2019. So, if you look for another light blonde hair color then pick a nice shade of platinum blonde.platinum blonde hair colors 2019Many want to get the Monroe hair and it’s possible with the help of platinum blonde shade. Then the hairstyle is easier to get. Those who have ever gone for platinum blonde claim that they miss their white blonde mane every single day. There is a sophisticated touch in platinum blonde shade, which can’t be compared with any other light hair color. People remember this hair color as it’s impressive and eye-catching. It makes you feel all the attention in your surround and become happier.

Platinum Pink Hair Color for 2019

The new platinum hair is out there waiting for us. Platinum pink is officially the prettiest hair color for 2019. It’s the combination of platinum blonde and pink shades, which go well with each other very daintily and harmoniously. It has become a big trend especially thanks to Bella Hadid who has decided to pull off light and unique hair color. So, take into account the lavishing platinum pink hair color for 2019 as your ultimate metallic pastel shade.platinum-pink-hair-colors-2017Celebrities with Platinum Pink Hair

As we have already mentioned above Bella Hadid is one of the most inspiring models with platinum pink hair. But she is not the only celebrity that surprises us with her ravishing hair color makeover. Well, she is really incredible after her dark brunette mane. This is one of her best hair color experiments.

Modern Ronze Hair Colors

Hair color ideas for blondes are much more than for brunettes, but this doesn’t mean that there not golden mines for both. Stylists have created such a hot hair color mixture which goes well with brunette, blonde and red hair colors equally. Now, we have something to share without any comparisons or contrasts. Here is the ronze hair color special for ginger hair color fans, but it’s waiting for blonde and brunettes too. So, be ready for a new and radical transformation.ronze hair color ideas 2019What is Ronze Hair Color?

Let’s first of all realize what the bright ronze hair color is. We have done a thorough research in order to find out the secret to the perfect ronze shades. Thus according to a professional celebrity hairstylist and colorist George Papanikolas ronze is a blend of bronze brown and warm copper. It is deep and rich in its hues and looks very beautiful under the rays of the sun. It seems to be the new bronde only for redheads, but we meet brown and blonde-haired celebrities pulling it off like real redheads. Ronze hair colors perfectly brighten up complexions and make base hair colors shinier, warmer and fresher. If you have decided to wear a lovely shade or ronze this year you can consider our advice as well as consult with your colorist.

Runway Inspired Unique Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2019

An unforgettable and unique look is possible to create with a unique hair color idea in 2019. Since not all shades are trendy for 2019 today we have collected the most beautiful runway inspired hair shades that look very flashy, bright and original. They are for your dramatic transformations and edgy looks. Are you ready for the next festive season? Check out these attractive hues of green, purple, blue, yellow and pink. You will definitely love at least one of them.unique-hair-colors-2019Green Hair Color

Leaving alone the fancy turquoise hair color, we offer the true green shade for your long and sleek hair. This hair color has something special to do with your tresses. It is able to add a fresh touch and make any hairstyle look more eye-catching. It is paired with pinkish eyebrows, natural looking eye makeup, red lips and a cute hair clipper. If you have light skin tone, you can try a light green shade for your hair. Those who look for a more interesting solution can opt for the ombre technique with dark roots and lighter ends.

Perfect Ombre Hair Color Trends from Celebs for 2019

The perfect and natural-looking ombre hair colors are those that show off the dark roots the way as if you have left them to grow out naturally. However, they are colored in dark shades and the rest of hair is lightened up with another tone. Not everyone is able to achieve this effect on her hair but some celebrities give us the best inspiration of perfect ombre hair colors for 2019. It’s almost as if they reasonably grew out their roots to get this result, but the fact is that they have gone for ombre hair colors.ombre-hair-colors-2019Amber Heard Ombre Hair Color

Amber Heardhas dark hair color, tanned skin tone and green eyes. She is blessed with a unique complexion, which allows her to rock delightful hair color combos. One of her best experiments is the ombre hair color with golden highlights. Her warm brown shade becomes shinier and lovelier with the help of golden hue, which in its turn sparkles on the vintage side pulled waves. Besides, golden highlights compliment her green eyes creating a natural effect.

Modern Hairstyles for Chestnut Brown Hair Colors

When people say that chestnut brown is a dull hair color I always tell that the secret to a sparkling look is hidden behind the hairstyle. Chestnut brown is a rich and delightful hair color. You just need to embrace and enhance it with the right hairstyles. Chestnut brown hair color comes in a variety of tones, which can be beautifully reflected on modern hairstyles. After reading this article, you will be inspired by stunning chestnut brown shades and hues.chestnut-brown-hair-colors-and-hairstyles-2019-copyChestnut Brown Highlights for Short Hair

Short bob and pixie haircuts are usually combined with layers, which allow us to play with slicing highlights. If you have brown pixie or bob haircut and want to update its hair color then choose chestnut brown and caramel shades. This is most gorgeous way to highlight short hair. It’s not too eye-catching but is very soft and elegant at the same time. Something layered will definitely make them stand out.

Ombre Hair Colors for Mid-Length Haircuts

From mid-length layers to long bobs, shoulder-length haircuts are making a huge comeback. They are not our common and old-fashioned haircuts. Why should they be if there is the gorgeous ombre hair color idea?   Below you will find fancy ombre hair colors for medium haircuts. Say goodbye to your monotone lob or layered haircut and spice it up with a two-tone ombre hair color. This easy trick will help you to get the so wanted charming solution.medium-ombre-hair-colors-2019Ashley Benson Meidum Ombre Hair

A shaggy shoulder-length haircut is an ideal style for Ashley Benson. She becomes very sophisticated and subtle in this cute hairstyle. It’s more than obvious that the light ombre hair color with a dark honey brown and light golden blonde combination sparkles in a boho chic beach wavy hairstyle. Her long center parted bangs complete the haircut and undergo the same effect of the ombre shade.

New Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2019

Each year we are provided with new hair color trends and the ones celebrities and models choose become the trendiest. Last year’s hair color trends were all about bold shades and vibrant hues. This time we will focus on the new hair color ideas for 2019. Some of the represented shades are absolutely new for many of you and will surely inspire for the coming colors for 2019Cinnamon Swirl Hair Color

Lately many designers and stylists offer hair color inspirations just from cookies and candy hues. Cinnamon swirl is one of the latest hair color ideas. It has the charming cinnamon hues and the delightful design of its swirls. You get a totally new hair color closer to balayage, somber or light blonde to brown combinations which look amazing on hair.