Foilyage Hair Color Trend for 2019

Since balayage is not supposed to leave the fashion world so soon stylists create new ideas based on the big trend. The hair coloring technique in which colorist apply the bleach just by handpainting several sections of hair in order to brighten them up provide with chunky and beautiful highlights called balayage. However today we have Foilyage hair color trend for 2019. It’s the dreamt hair highlighting idea for blondes, medium brunettes and redheads who seek for natural-looking lightening solutions.Foilyage hair colors 2019What is Foilyage Hair Color?

Foilyage is the latest hair coloring technique added to the same balayage where the stylist usually works with hair using his/her had painting skills. During painting each painted section is wrapped in foils which provides with another delightful effect. New York City and San Diego hair salons already create this cool style for famous women and stylish girls.

Gorgeous Coral Pink Hair Color

Coral pink or coral red, whatever it is, it’s a bright and seductive hair color for the biggest fans of vibrant pastel, neon and rainbow shades. Many designers lately choose this hair color for some of their models to make a style statement and become more memorable.  Now, let’s have a look at the gorgeous coral pink hair color and lean the way of getting it on our locks.coral-pink-hair-colors-2019How to Get:
First, let’s consider the Formulas utilized for coral pink hair colors. They are: Formula A  which is used for pre-lightening. It’s 10-volume lightener for 1/2 the head, then 20 Vol for the rest. Formula B which is J Beverly Hills Hot Pink + 1’ ribbon of J Beverly Hills Amethyst meant for depth. Formula C which is 3 parts J Beverly Hills Hot Pink + 1 part J Beverly Hills Fire. Formula D known as Pravana Silver.

Hottest Ideas for Red Ombre Hair Colors

When you consider trying a new red hair color you seldom think of two-tone shades. Many of us wear monotone red hair colors on our long and short haircuts. However, there are hot red ombre hair colors that look amazing on various hair types, textures and styles. Whatever your reason is of wearing red hair, here are the best examples of red ombre shades to consider in 2019. Try a new vivid, impressive and trendy red hair color and inspire women around ombre hair colors 2019Black to Light Red Ombre Hair Color

When we say red ombre we generally mean the combinations of dark brown or black roost with red tips. In this case we have black hair with light red ends. As a result, the stylist has achieved a fancy hair color on the layered lob haircut making it vibrant and more eye-catching. If you are tired of your monotone lob hairstyle then use this trick to update it.  You will like the reflection of the light red shade on your tips and will get an illusion of a longer looking hairstyle.

Fall-Winter 2019 Hair Color Trends

These days one of the most trending topics among stylish women is fall-winter 2019 hair color trends. Everyone is getting prepared for the cold seasons and some have started with their hair color. In fact the latest hair color ideas are much more versatile, natural looking and glamorous. Stylists are ready to provide us with our favorite shades and tones. If you are ready for your next hair color then let’s start!hair-colors-fall-winter-2019Hair Colors for Fall

This fall is all about warm blondes, mysterious brunettes, vibrant redheads and subtle brondes. Our most favorite shades for the colorful autumn are golden, honey, caramel, dark golden brown, cherry red, copper and dark rose gold hair colors. Each compliments various skin tones from light to dark.

Medium Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Uncover the sun-kissed, multi-dimensional shades of medium blonde hair colors that rage from golden hues to the subtlest strawberry blonde tints. We are here to help you orientate which shade of medium blonde goes well with your complexion or which hue you need to lighten up your skin tone. You will like the triumph of the glossiest and warmest shades as they are found on the rich palette of medium blonde hair colors.medium-blonde-hair-colors-2019Medium Ash Blonde Hair Color

The trendiest medium blonde hair color is the ash blonde as it has a cooler effect that the rest of shades. This hair color is a big trend for the moment. It is offered by the majority of designers and stylists who create new and modern shades for 2019. Medium ash blondes go well with medium and olive skin tones. They complement both light and dark eyes and look better with smokey eye makeups and glossy rose lips. Women with black eyes can keep the roots a bit dark for a cute balance.

Modern Eggplnat Hair Color Ideas

The common hair color palette is enriched with new and new hair colors every day. Professional and creative hair colorists like to amuse us with modern hair coloring solutions and ideas, which are generally mixtures of various trendy shades. One of the latest ideas is the eggplant hair color for 2019. It has been worn by many stunning fashionistas who appreciate the amazing art of hair coloring.Eggplant Hair Colors 2019What is Eggplant Hair Color?

Actually, eggplant is a rich hair color mixture of deep purple and burgundy, which resemble an eggplant. This hair color trend is not only fun but also very attractive. Here you can find the most inspiring eggplant hair colors to try for 2019. It is for women who look for bold yet classic hair colors to highlight their prettiness and femininity. This is not the ultimate rainbow nor the pastel shade, but a monotone yet very sophisticated hair color.

Lightest Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Whatever you may choose for your hair blonde remains the most feminine shade. It is considered as the loveliest hair color idea when someone want to pull off a seductive and angelic look. Actually, the lighter your hair color the tenderer you’ll look but the question in this case is whether you have the matching skin tone or not. Let’s discuss some of the trendiest light blonde hair colors and make our ultimate choice.light blonde hair colors 2019Light Wheat Blonde Hair Color

Wheat blonde is a sun-kissed hair color for you to match with your base blonde hair color. You can use it to lighten it up and create a more balanced effect. Wheat blonde has the shiny touch of the wheat, that’s why it goes well with light eye hues and rosy undertones.

Luscious Runway Hair Color Trends for 2019

Runway is the best place for new experiments, unique looks and inspiring styles. Celebrities follow every season’s fashion weeks in order to discover new stylish solutions not only for their outfits but also for makeup and hair styling tips. Very often we meet the ultimate hair color trends just on the runways. Below we have created a cool guide to the luscious runway hair color trends for 2019. Get runway-ready stunning inspiration and liven up your current hair color with one of these fresh hues.runway-hair-color-ideas-2017Rich Auburn Hair Color

For your nest vibrant and eye-catching look there is the rich auburn hair color. it’s a natural-looking red and models who have the suitable skin tone for it look like real redheads. This hair color is in every corner of the fashion world and it tends to become the most requested light red shade for medium skin tones and light eyes. If you believe in your power of transforming into a true redhead then start with the warm auburn in 2019.

Lovely Highlights for Light Hair 2019

Light blonde and grey hair colors can achieve their most sophisticated and effervescent look with the help of trendy highlights. If this is all you want then follow our guide to the lovely highlights for light hair for 2019. From simplest fun highlighting options to the deepest grey hair color covers, we will help you to reveal your truest hair highlighting option for 2019.highlights-for-light-hair-2019Light Platinum Blonde Highlights

Platinum, blonde is generally worn as a full base hair color. It is seldom used as a highlighting idea. We see platinum blonde highlights on light blonde hair colors which are warm and sun-kissed and seek for a bit of lightness or coolness. Light platinum blonde highlights in slicing styles are ideal for straight and thin blonde hair. They add depth and dimension and take your hairstyle to the next level.

Lovely Pastel Hair Highlights

We use different shades of blonde, brunette and red as hair highlights for our base hair colors. Few of us go bolder or choose unusual hues that grab attention. However there is a trendy style that appeals to most women who want to experiment with an innovative hair highlighting idea. Thus, if you are tired of the traditional hair colors and highlights, it’s the high time for you to discover the beauty of pastel highlights on different hairstyles.pastel highlights for 2019Pastel Blue Hair Highlights

The peaceful pastel blue highlights is the shade you need for your light ash brown or blonde hair color. It looks perfect on the tips and face framing strands. Women with blue eyes look incredible with pastel blue highlights. This hue allows them to create a well-balanced and more charming style. Ask you stylist for dip dyed tips or just pastel blue highlights at the ends on the hair and refresh it every two or three weeks.