New Caramelized Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

We have spoken about caramel hair color many times but today’s article will be something more and engaging as we are going to represent the newest caramelized hair color ideas that leave us breathless. They are accompanied by the lovely ombre, balayage and sombre highlighting ideas as well as new haircuts and hairstyles. Feel the rich shimmering hair color nuance on your own hair with the help of one of these shades.caramel-hair-colors-2019Caramel Ombre Hair Color

Between trendy caramel hair colors, caramel ombre has its unique place. It’s a separate ombre style that differs from the rest with its rich elegance and natural touch. You can combine it with dark hair and lighten it up with a shimmering attractiveness. This hair color idea compliments olive and dark skin tones and looks better on long hairstyles.

Chocolate Mauve Hair Color Trend for 2019

The new chocolate mauve hair color trend for 2019 looks as gorgeous as it sounds. This amazing combination of brown and reddish pink, dark rose gold and mauve shades is ready to liven up our dark hair. Between all the possible hair colors for beunettes chocolate mauve seems to be the most luxurious one. We are more than confident that’s going to be the biggest hair color trend in 2019 among brow-haired women.chocolate-mauve-hair-colors-2019 Even blondes will love the idea of pulling off such a hot dark shade that’s close to modern balayage styles. If you are unsure about your next hair color idea then it’s the high time to think of the lavishing chocolate mauve. Mauve is an awesome tone of pink popular in fashion and makeup industry. Now, it has taken a step to the world of hairstyling. We are thankful to the skillful and creative stylists who have created it.

Hollywood Stars in Stunning Hair Colors

To make your lifestyle brighter and more interesting you sometimes consider new hair colors. No mood or no inspiration? We are here to change your mood and inspire you with new hair color ideas Hollywood stars. They know how to attract us with their posh looks, makeup and hairstyle solutions. Now kiss your current hair color goodbye and take the first step.celebrity-hair-colors-2019Jessica Sanchez Espresso hair with Highlights

Few things look better in dark and light hair color contrast. The secret is hidden behind the right choice of hues. Jessica Sanchez is a master of dark hair colors and matching highlights. She enhances her dark espresso hair with light and sweet caramel highlights mingled in blondish tones. This hair color softens her tanned complexion and makes it somehow lighter.

Red Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

Women who are after an edgy and fiery red hair color to switch up their look should first discover the best red hair colors and skin tones. All you have to do is pulling off the shade of red that works well with your complexion and suits your eyes. It’s also important to pay attention to your natural hair color. So, today we’ll help you to unveil the world of red hair color palette and find the most flattering hue for your some hair colors are quite easy to pull off some others require carefulness and professionalism. Red is not a simple shade to play with. It has millions of dark and light tones, which compliment different skin tones. And while red hair looks amazing with all skin tones, you still need to find yours to look natural and fabulous.

5 Hot Hair Color Ideas for 2019 from Celebrities

Although 2018 is not over yet, but we can’t help falling in love with the hottest celebrity hair color trends for 2019. Some stunners have already prompts us what’s going to be in thing in 2019 and we want to share with you these lovely shades. These are, perhaps the classiest hair colors that are going to become dominant very soon. Keep up with the fashion to be the first to try one of these Washington Brown Ombre Hair Color

Kerry Washington has dyed her dark hair in a warm brown ombre shade not only to accentuate her natural hue but also match with her warm skin tone. when going for dark hair color it’s necessary to pay attention to your natural shade. Try to take a tone that’s loser to it. Here Kerry Washington has gone for a dark mahogany red, which looks like a reddish brown and ideally works with her dark brown roots.

Hottest Celebrities in Black Hair Colors

Deep black hair colors on long, medium and short hairstyles are known as the classiest and most powerful styles for women. If you are a natural black-haired women then keep in mind that you are unique in your real style. Not everyone has the chance to look so hot and attractive. Black hair makes you more than seductive. Celebrities with black hair colors are always in the center of attention. We love some of the most glamorous stars who rock black hairstyles. Here they are!celebrity-black-hair-colors-2019Dita Von Teese Black Hair Color

One of the most contrasting hair color and skin tone combinations belongs to Dita Von Teese. She is the type of woman who prefers to change up her look with new styles and not new hair colors. Her jet-black hair paired with ultra-pale skin tone looks very luxurious. This raven hair color compliments her dark eyes and brings out her facial features. It’s a cool shade with retro curls for those who want to look like an Old-Hollywood actress or Snow White.

2019 Light Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Brunettes who think that light-haired women have more chances to stand out in the crowd may probably like the idea of getting the most flattering light shade on their dark hair. Well, anyone with natural red, blonde or brown hair color is awesome on her own way. But sometimes contrasting shades change up our entire look and make us more interesting. In this case, alternative shades come for help. While blondes go for brunette hair colors and fall in love with them, natural brunettes prefer enjoying lighter hues. Here you’ll see the best light hair colors for brunettes for 2019. Lighten up your face and complexion with a fresh and sun-kissed hair color in 2019.  light-hair-colors-for-brunettes-2019Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Dirty blonde is the first thing that comes to your stylist’s mind when you speak about lightening up your brunette hair. This is the most popular blonde shade that brunettes wear with great enjoyment. Our lovely olive-skinned Jessica Alba is one of the brunette celebs who rock dirty blonde hair time to time. This shade will never go out of style as it’s always requested among dark-haired beauties. A soft shade of dirty blonde will not only lighten your hair but will also bring a subtle effect for your locks.

London Fashion Week 2019: Hair Color Inspiration

From edgy haircuts to unusual hair color and from trendy bangs to classic shades here are trendy hair color ideas for 2019 from London Fashion Week. Ready to switch up your hair color? don’t waste your time on old magazines and pictures. Find your next hair color inspiration between these gorgeous looks. These models never wear old-fashioned hair colors. They always choose the latest Pink Hair Color

We start from the boldest and most dramatic hair color seen at London Fashion Week. It’s the candy blondish pink hair color with more warmth then monotone pastel pinks. Combined with sleek and straight hairstyle as well as with trendy blunt bangs this pink hair color grabs attention. It works well with naturally blonde hair and compliments many skin tones.

Medium Brown Hair Colors

Medium brown is a classic and natural hair color that works with most skin tones. It creates a radiant warmth all around your face and makes your eyes shine more subtly. You may be thinking of a trendy medium brown hair color idea and some inspiration from celebrities wearing it. These pictures of posh celebs will give you the most useful and fashionable ideas of medium brown hair colors and flattering hairstyles.medium-brown-hair-colors-2019Ashley Greene Medium Brown Hair Color

Ashley Greene is a famous brunette who wears her medium brown shade on long layered haircuts with side bangs or shot classic bob cuts. This hair color brings our attention to her seductive face. She has unveiled the secret of the right hair color to keep all eyes on her delightful appearance. Since natural hair color set of features best, Ashley prefers to rock medium brown hues. The best way to protect it and keep shiny is with a hydrating and using high-quality shampoo and conditioner.

Light Ombre Hair Colors

Ombre is not a hair color idea to play with. It’s a serious and quite elegant style which requires carefulness not to be failed. I have seen so many girls wearing “wrong” ombre hair colors that it made me to think that not every stylist is able to provide us with the desired ombre style. Things become more complicated when it comes to unusual and more original experiments such as light ombre hair colors. They differ from the traditional ombre hair colors with their harmonious and angelic effects. Here we have collected the most popular and professionally achieved light ombre hair colors. Check them out!light-ombre-hair-colors-2019Apricot Ombre Hair Color

Blonde-haired women seldom imagine that their hair gives them limitless opportunities to rock super stylish light ombre hair colors like the warm and ethereal aprotic. This is one of the best hair color combos I have ever seen. It gradually changes its shades from too light to warm and tends to compliment light to medium skin tones with peach undertones. You can match this hair color with peach-y makeups and light pink lips.