Top 5 Ombre Hair Colors for Bob Cuts

Everyone knows who beautiful ombre hair colors are. This creative hair coloring technique combines dark roots with lighter tips so harmoniously and daintily that stylist have decided to match it with short haircuts too. With the popularity of short haircuts ombre also becomes more than requested. Here are the best ombre hair colors for bob cuts.  Make your next hair color choice between these 5 trendy styles.ombre-bob-hairstyles-2019Dark Brown to Blonde Ombre Bob

The first ombre hair color considered as the most popular for short bob haircuts is the dark brown to blonde combo. These hair colors are contrasting but so harmonious for each other. They complete the each other’s flaws and provide hair with a rich multi-tone effect. If anyone with short bob haircut wants to experiment with a neutral two-tone hair color, then this style is the best one.dark-brown-to-blonde-ombre-bob-2019Red Ombre Bob Hairstyle

Black or dark brown roots are not always paired with blonde tips. There is also the fiery red hair color which compliments dark roots. This warm and luscious hairstyle will make your locks sparkle in any season. You can choose the dark red ombre shade for your bob for the whole 2019 year. Each can find the most flattering tint of red for her current hair Ombre Bob Hairstyle

Light and exquisite pastel shades have always been flattering for blonde hair. They are used as nice shades for blonde ombre hair colors. In case, you are looking for an unusual and subtle ombre hair color for your bob haircut, you may consider pastel tones. Refresh your current blonde hair and dye the tips in a cute pastel hue.pastel-ombre-bob-2019Grey Ombre Bob Hairstyle

Grey ombre is a stunning hair color idea that works well with short bob haircuts too. This ultra-trendy shade is the ideal choice for black women with dark hair. So, this glamorous style will liven up your dark hair with a light touch and two-tone effect. Just lighten up the tips with a fresh tone of grey.grey-ombre-bob-2019Reverse Ombre Bob Hairstyle

If long hairstyles look harsh with light roots and dark tips, bob hairstyles are just sophisticated in reverse ombre hair colors. Of course, dark-haired women avoid this style as it requires deep bleaching at the roots. This is much more flattering for natural blondes. They can dye only the tips in a dark hair color and get the amazing reverse ombre result.reverse-ombre-bob-hair-2019