Subtle Sombre Hair Colors

Those who have already experimented with ombre hair colors will surely like the idea of its modern style. Here is the sombre hair color trend, which is the softer and subtler ombre shade. Well, we don’t say goodbye to ombre hair colors. They will be in thing in 2019 too, but we offer a cooler solution for your hair. Los of stunning celebrities have sported ombre hair but a few have gone for the sombre style, which means that it tends to become popular in 2019 and you have enough time to decide which hues and tones you prefer most of all.sombre-hair-colors-2019What is Sombre Hair Color?

So, as the name suggests sombre is a type of subtle ombre. It is a dainty graduation of meting hues from the roots to the tips. In spite of its simple and small change, it still makes a huge difference between your previous and next hairstyles. This natural-looking hair coloring idea from dark to light is a perfect solution for those who want to brighten up their hair tips and keep the top in a shinier dark shade. sombre-hair-colors-for-2019So, we can say that with the help of sombre hair colors the lovely ombre is taken to the next level. In this case, we get less harsh dark roots and an eye-catching contrast between shades. Sombre allows you to create a natural effect with closer tones of brown and blonde. You can even play with two-tone brown or blonde hair colors to get the desired amazing and rich result. Going beyond balayage your stylist can work with more tones to add depth and dimension. sombre-hair-color-idea-for-2019Actually, the key to a perfect sombre hair color is the use of many shades and tones instead of several hues. It gives us the chance to create less of a flashy contrast from roots to ends. And the best part about this hair color trend is that it compliments most skin tones and finds its owners.sombre-hair-color-2019 Your stylist is supposed to use tones, which are a few shades lighter and a few shades darker than your natural shade as well as find some harmonious combination for your skin tone and eyes. Sombre hair colors seem to be a cool choice for long, thin, slightly wavy and layered hair. They switch up your hairstyles making them trendier and richer in hues. If it’s all you need for 2019 then ask your hairstylist for one of these styles.sombre-hair-color-trend-2019