Dramatic Ombre Hair Colors

There are times when we start thinking of the ombre hair color trend as our next shade but don’t have enough inspiration to go ahead with this cool idea. All the possible styles of ombre hair colors seem to be very popular and we hardly see unique looks. So, today we will be inspired by the craziest ombre hair colors, which differ from the rest of the looks and traditional styles.crazy-ombre-hair-colors-2019Grey Ombre Hair Color

We have seen many grey ombre hairstyles and we are not surprised by this trend anymore. But stylists don’t stop to surprise us with new grey ombre hair colors and hairstyles. Well, they work not only on the improvement of the shades but also on the matching hairstyles. Inspired by the posh runway looks they have created the cool grey ombre bob hairstyle. Here you see it with a reverse style. Instead of dark roots we have light top part and dark tips. It looks soft and interesting.short-grey-ombre-hair-color-2019Peach Ombre Hair Color

Who says that pastel and warm peach hair colors are only for light hair? Keep your dark roots in their natural shade or even enhance it and lighten up the tips with a warm peach hair color. You will be provided with this fire and flame effect. The longer your hair the prettier will be the result. Opt for straight hairstyles to bring out all its power. Peach goes well with black and dark brown hair colors too.peach-ombre-hair-color-2019Red Ombre Hair Color

Another myth about ombre hair colors is that red works well with dark roots. Ombre is a flexible style and it allows us to combine lighter roots with red shades. Sun-kissed blondes and light brown hair colors look fascinating with vibrant red tips. This is a crazy hair color idea for those who are tired of the traditional brown to blonde ombre effects. You can even add some sunny blonde highlights to your new red ombre hair color to make it brighter.red-ombre-hair-color-2019Rose Gold Ombre Hair Color

Those who think that their dark hair doesn’t give them the chance to rock monotone rose gold hair colors or the result is going to take much care, then they need to try the trendy rose gold ombre hair color. Here you can dye the roots in a light reddish brown hue and lighten the rest of the hair with a subtle shade of rose gold. The result is going to be awesome in any hairstyle.gold-rose-ombre-hair-color-2019Reverse Ombre Hair Color

While others lighten their hair ends to get the stunning ombre, some go for the opposite technique. They create light roots and darker tips keeping up with the reverse ombre hair colors. This trick is fabulous especially for light-haired girls who don’t want to hide their light roots.reverse-ombre-hair-color-2019