Best Ombre Hair Colors for Long Hair

Ombre is a low-maintenance and trendy hair color idea. It’s ideal particularly for long hair. It takes your hairstyle to the next level with a modern twist and makes it more interesting. Instead of monotone and dull long hair you can pull off a hot ombre hair color and show us your brand new hairstyle. Below we have collected the best pictures of long ombre hairstyles to inspire long-haired beauties.ombre-hair-colors-2019Red Ombre Hair Color

One of the hottest ombre hair colors is created with black and fiery red shades. They provide with a fantastic effect on long hair. It starts out black on the roots and radically becomes bright red at the tips. The curly side swept hairstyle highlights the hotness of the shades and frames the face with a fresh touch. It goes well with medium to dark complexions and brings out dark eyes. you can match it with bold makeups and vibrant red lips.long-red-ombre-hair-color-2019Ombre Hair Color for Long Straight Hair

Look at this stunner. She really knows how to deal with ombre hair colors to embrace her long and thick tresses. Khloe is a master of bright ombre hair colors, which work well with her dark hair and skin tone. It starts out with dark brown and gradually becomes warm blonde at the tips. Medium to tanned skin tones are the best for this hair color combination. It goes without saying that the chosen straight hairstyle displays the lovely layers and the freshness of the hair color.long-straight-ombre-hairstyle-2019Dark Ombre Hair Color

If you have black hair and want to highlight it with dark yet shiny shades, then choose this version. It’s a mixture of black, dark brown and dark mahogany red hair colors which add depth and dimension to the long curly hairstyle. You can use this hair color to balance your medium or darker complexion as well as draw attention to your eyes.long-ombre-hairstyle-2019Blonde Ombre Hair Color

Light icy blonde roots with ash blonde tips are the latest blonde ombre hair colors for 2019. They are angelic and very tender. With such a cool hair color idea you can easily stand out in the crowd especially if your hair is long. It compliments fair skin tones and light eyes and looks gorgeous on relaxed waves. Unlike the rest of the ombre hair colors light blonde ombres are less flashy and dramatic. They are soft and don’t scream attention.long-blonde-ombre-hair-color-2019