Amazing Dark Ombre Hair Colors

Popular dark hair colors such as black, brown, plum, burgundy, turquoise and caramel offer us unique ombre hair color ideas that sparkle on brunette mane. Actually the darker your base hair color the more ye-catching your ombre shade will look. All you need is just keeping the roots dark and color the end in a vibrant shade of red, caramel or any other original hue. These dark ombre hair color ideas ate the best examples for you to consider.dark-ombre-hair-colors-2019Black Turquoise Ombre Hair Color

Turquoise is one of the most flattering shades for black hair. It is ideally achieved on black locks and is usually used as stunning ombre style. this hair color is ideal for black women who have naturally black hair and just for the big fans of black strands. Ask your hairstylist to enhance your black shade with a jet black tint and dye the tips in a deep turquoise hair color. No matter you have a short or long haircut; it’s going to be Brown Ombre Hair Color

Dark brown hair is ready to get the astounding effect of dirty blonde, caramel and ash blonde shades on it. This means that you have several shades to make your choice between for your dark brown hair. Pick the hue that compliments your skin tone and looks well balanced with your eyes. This is an easy and low-maintenance hair color idea for the majority of brown-haired girls.Ombre Hair Color From Dark To Blonde Ombre Hair Color Light Brown To Blonde NgerimbatDark Purple Ombre Hair Color

As I have already mentioned above plum is a dark shade to take as an ombre hair color. It is pretty with dark brown and black hair and looks better on wavy and curly hairstyles reminding us of the luscious fruit. The artistic touch of hair coloring is so touchable in this style that anyone with a sense of art will love and appreciate it.dark-purple-ombre-hair-color-2019Dark Caramel Ombre Hair Color

The warm and shiny caramel hues added on the tips of dark hair create dark caramel ombre hair colors. The sweet caramel is a perfect hair color when you want to warm up your complexion and bring out your dark eyes. This amazing mixture of shades is so harmonious and lavishing for long hair. It is gorgeous especially on straight and wavy hairstyles with layers.dark-caramel-ombre-hair-color-2019Dark Red Ombre Hair Color

When we say dark red ombre we mean the combo of black roots and burgundy red tips. If this hair color captures you more than the rest of the styles, then you are ready for an eye-catching hair color idea. Dye the ends of your hair in a deep and rich burgundy hair color and style it in bombshell curls and waves.dark-red-ombre-hair-color-2019