Unique Red Hair Colors with Highlights

Who says highlights are necessary only for blondes and brunettes. Sometimes even unique redheads think of hair color changes and new highlights to embrace their hair. Leaving alone the fact that hair looks gorgeous in monotone red hair colors, we are here to prove that modern hair coloring solutions allow us to make those red hair colors trendier with highlights.  Chose any of these red hair colors with highlights and liven up your tresses with a modern breathe.red-hair-colors-with-highlights-2019Red Hair with Golden Caramel Highlights

Light redheads or our lovely ginger-heads are welcome to feel the charm caramel highlights on their hair. These golden hued caramel tints have the sun-kissed effect in them, which adds extra-shine to naturally red hair colors. This champagne-y reflection is so dainty and beautiful on long curls, that it seems as if this is her natural hair color. Light golden caramel ideally goes with ginger red shades. It makes this hair color warmer and richer.red-hair-with-caramel-highlights-2019Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

Those who want to lighten up their red hair color may think about matching blonde highlights. They are not icy or platinum shades, but much warmer and sunny tones of blonde that go well with many warm hair colors. You can take golden or buttery blonde shades and highlight your face framing red hair creating a lighter result for your complexion.red-hair-with-blonde-highlights-2019Red Hair with Fiery Highlights

If you have dark burgundy red hair color and t seems too dark for you, try some vibrant and fiery red highlights. They add vibrancy and change your dark shade into a flashier hue. Place them on the front strands and tips for a better result. Fiery red tones need regular touch ups not to fade away so soon.reddish-brown-hair-with-fiery-highlights-2019Red Hair with Orange Highlights

Orange can be your ultimate crazy hair color idea for your red shade. It is closer to red hair colors in its tones and looks spiffy with warm ginger and copper hair colors. Orange highlights starting from the top to the tips don’t ruin your red hair. Moreover, they will add more interest and warmth.red-hair-with-orange-highlights-2019Red Hair with Ombre Highlights

Another trendy solution for red hair is the use of ombre highlights. Dark red roots will become subtle with the help of lighter red highlights at the ends. This trick is mostly used among black celebrities who wear dark red hair colors. If you too, have dark Marsala or burgundy red hair then spice it up with auburn ombre highlights.red-hair-with-ombre-highlights-2019