Summer 2019 Hair Highlights

The hottest season is already in the air and it’s the best time to think of fresher and crazier hair styling ideas including hair highlights. Have a look at this string of summer 2019 hair highlights and consult with your hair colorist to choose a delightful option according to your base tone. You are going to get a totally new style for the new season. Are you ready for a cool transformation?Summer 2019 Hair HighlightsSun-Kissed Highlights with Dark Roots

Dark roots have become trendy once women started to opt for the ombre hair colors. Today they are combined with light hair colors to create thicker-looking hairstyles and hide the thinning roots. However some styling girls go for dark roots and sun-kissed highlights for the hot summer season. This trick is very charming. Monotone blonde hair immediately becomes gorgeous with sun-kissed highlights.sun-kissed highlights for summer 2019Natural Honey Highlights

Honey is one of the best blonde shades both for blondes and brunettes. It is chosen even by black women who want to warm up or lighten their dark hair. In order to create natural-looking effect with sunny highlights you can rely on the honey blonde shade with all its light and dark tones. Honey highlights are incredible especially on natural curls and frizzy hair.natural honey highlights 2019Peach Highlights

Looking for warm and interesting highlights? What about the lovely peach highlights. They are awesome on platinum blonde hair as well as on light brown strands. The best thing about peach highlights is that they look pretty even when they are washed out or faded. Use this style whenever you want a vibrant and eye-catching effect for your hair.peach highlights for summer 2019Pastel Highlights

Pastel hair colors will never be out of style when it comes to summer highlights.  Whether you like warm or cool hair colors pastel comes up with a variety of options for all tastes. Nowadays it’s combined not only with blonde but also brunette hair. For example, pink highlights compliment light hair colors and purple highlights are perfect with dark shades. Whatever your choice, the result will surely be awesome and interesting.pastel highlights for summer 2019Reddish Brown Highlights

Welcome the warmest highlights for dark brown hair. It’s the trendy reddish brown shade with deep shine and dimension. Those tired of the same caramel highlights may think out of the box and consider reddish brown highlights as ideal for dark brown or even black hair. They are incredible on wavy hairstyles.reddish highlights for summer 2019