Newest Multi-Tone Hair Highlights for Short Hair

Short haircuts always seek for subtle hair colors and cute solutions, which will make them more glamorous and feminine. If you have just gone for a bold short haircut and it seems somehow harsh then consider these new multi-tone hair highlights for short hair. Your bob or pixie haircut will become even nicer with the help of these trendy shades. Don’t be afraid of taking the first step from your comfort zone. Just try as many beautiful hairstyles and hair colors as you like.multi-tone-highlights-2017Short Dark Hair with Oil-Slick Highlights

Oil slick is the newest rainbow hair highlighting idea of dark hair. It has captured many hearts of brunets who have always dreamed of rainbow hair colors. These shiny tones of green, purple, yellow, orange and blue are waiting for your choice. Have you already decided which hues of rainbow you want to have on your short dark hair? Any short dark haircut makes women very hot and flashy, but it’s important to update this shade with trendy tones. So, pick oil-slick highlights.short-haircut-with-rainbow-highlights-2017Short Hair with Multi-Tone Highlights

In case you have gone for an undercut and want to make it girlish, you need to think of a two-tone hair color and flattering multi-tone highlights. So, if you dye your locks in blonde and brown shades then opt for highlights with closer tones of blonde and brown. Choose subtle slicing highlights and enrich your hair colors.multi-tone-short-haircut-2017Natural-Looking Multi-Tone Highlights

Women over 40 usually avoid unnatural and edgy hair highlights. They look for natural effects, which can hide their grey strands and make their short haircuts fresher. There are natural-looking tones of red, brown and blonde which compliment matching shades and look nice on short cuts. Pick several tones and highlight your hair with the slicing technique.short-haircut-with-natural-highlights-2017Short Red Hair with Multi-Tone Highlights

Redheads tired of their monotone hair color are welcome to experiment with prettier multi-tone highlights. Here you need to be quite careful not to spoil your hairstyle especially when it’s short. Try tender copper, blondish and warm highlights that will lighten up your red shade. This effortless trick enriches your hair color and makes it very fashionable.Short Haircut Red Hair With Blonde Highlights Dark Blonde With Red HighlightsShort Blonde Hair with Pastel Highlights

If blonde, then pastel highlights for sure. Pastel hair highlights remain big hair color trends for 2019 and they are awesome on blonde hair. Your short haircut will no more look boyish thanks to base blonde hair colors and pastel highlights. Have you ever dreamed of a dolly look? Now, your dream will come true. You’ll become a hot and fashionable doll with a short haircut and tender hair color combination. Say goodbye to traditional hair highlighting ideas.short-blonde-haircut-with-pastel-highlights-2017