Lovely Pastel Hair Highlights

We use different shades of blonde, brunette and red as hair highlights for our base hair colors. Few of us go bolder or choose unusual hues that grab attention. However there is a trendy style that appeals to most women who want to experiment with an innovative hair highlighting idea. Thus, if you are tired of the traditional hair colors and highlights, it’s the high time for you to discover the beauty of pastel highlights on different hairstyles.pastel highlights for 2019Pastel Blue Hair Highlights

The peaceful pastel blue highlights is the shade you need for your light ash brown or blonde hair color. It looks perfect on the tips and face framing strands. Women with blue eyes look incredible with pastel blue highlights. This hue allows them to create a well-balanced and more charming style. Ask you stylist for dip dyed tips or just pastel blue highlights at the ends on the hair and refresh it every two or three weeks.pastel blue highlights 2019Pastel Pink Hair Highlights

Pink is the first hue of pastel that stylists offer their clients. Pastel pink highlights added to light hair colors make your base shade subtle whatever it is. It’s preferable to wear pastel pink highlights to the front tresses and sometimes even long bangs. You will get a stunning result once you style your hair into trendy hairdos.pastel pink highlights 2019Pastel Green Hair Highlights

Here is the freshest hair highlights trend for brown and blonde hair. It’s the pastel green shade that looks like a bluish green and has a marine touch in it. Like sky blue tints it also looks perfect on the tips of hair. The longer your strand the prettier pastel green highlights will look. They are also called mint green shades.pastel green highlights 2019Pastel Purple Hair Highlights

Purple is the desired flexible shade that works well with most hair colors. In spite of the fact that it’s sometimes contrasting for several base hair colors but women like to play with pastel purple highlights. They are added to dark, light and vibrant hair colors. Here, for example, we see it added to red hair. It looks interesting and flashy.pastel purple highlights 2019Pastel Rainbow Hair Highlights

Compared to the latest rainbow hair color trends the softest versions is the pastel rainbow highlights. While brunettes try the new oil slick rainbow highlights in vibrant and bright hues, blondes continue to amuse us with their tender pastel rainbow hairstyles.pastel rainbow highlights 2019

Photo Credits: Color Ideas