Flattering Hair Highlights for Red Hair

We often speak about suitable highlights for blonde and brunette hair but there are flattering hair highlights for red hair too. Special for all my redheads, here are the most beautiful highlights. They are here to inspire you to liven up your strands in 2019. If you love your red hair you should think of modern touches for it. So, let’s start!red-hair-with-highlights-2019Red Balayage Highlights

Dark brown hair changed into a dark red hair color won’t look that amazing without the trendy balayage style. This is the first style that I would like to offer you to try in 2019. Balayage is mainly used for blonde and brown hair but it is amazing with red strands too. Just use the technique of balayage highlighting placing chunky red highlights on your long tresses.red-balayage-hair-2019Blonde Highlights for Red Hair

The prettiest blonde shade to pair with red hair is the strawberry blonde. It has reddish undertones which compliment ginger and copper red hair colors. If you want to lighten up your current red hair use strawberry blonde highlights. Place them with the slicing technique and get a richer hair color combination. This trick works well for any length of straight hair.red-hair-with-blonde-highlightsBlack Highlights for Red Hair

The next is the deep black shade which is ready to highlight your burgundy red or Marsala hair. Nowadays many girls dye their hair in this deep red shade but not everyone plays with highlights. If you like highlights, choose black highlights for the roots, face framing locks and tips.red-hair-with-black-highlights-2019Pumpkin Spice Highlights for Red Hair

Pumpkin spice is the latest red hair color idea that has a soft and light reflection on her. It is a good choice for copper hairstyles. You can add extra-shine and softness to your faded red hair with pumpkin spice highlights. Place them on the medium parts of your hair and style into polished waves or straight hairstyles. The result is lavishing and trendy.red-hair-with-pumkin-spice-highlights-2019Purple Highlights for Red Hair

Sometimes all you want for your hair is a crazy touch. Red hair is already eye-catching and flashy. Even the simplest vibrant shade can easily make it unique and more interesting. In this case, purple is one of the best shades to combine with red locks. It is closer to burgundy hair colors, that’s why you can rock a brand new hairstyle with purple highlights.purple-highlights-for-red-hair-2019