Brightest Hair Highlights

While thinking of new hair colors and highlights we mostly focus on natural-looking or common shades. But what about bright hair highlights? They can change your hairstyle like no any other hair color can do. The following styles of bright highlights are collected carefully special for all natural hair colors. Find yours and show us how unique you can be with an unusual hair color combination.brightest-hair-highlights-for-2019Bright Yellow Highlights

Yellow is one of the brightest shades in the hair color palette. It is an ideal choice for women with dark hair. Raven and jet black locks cane become incredibly eye-catching with yellow highlights. Of course, you can add it on lighter hair colors but the darker your base shade the flashier will be the result. yellow-highlights-on-black-hair-2019Orange Highlights

While yellow looks cool with black hair orange highlights cane be worn on blonde tresses too. This trick is used to warm up your hair color and complexion. It works well especially on trendy haircuts like the short pixie, but you can add it to the tips of your long hair to create a warm effect too. Orange is a nice hair color idea but it looks subtler when you use it as a highlighting idea. In order to make it modern add it to the bangs of short hair and to the ends of longer Red Highlights

As you see our shades gradually become brighter. Red is a traditional hair color idea and it is often used in highlights. The most inspiring thing about it is that it’s almost always trendy if you choose the latest highlighting technique. Try reddish highlights according to your base shade and complexion and enjoy the advantage of sparkling with a modern hairstyle.bright-red-highlights-2019Rainbow Highlights

If you combine several shades of rainbow you’ll get a brighter and flashier style for your hair. No matter you have blonde or brunette locks; rainbow highlights work well with both shades. Just focus on the style you choose and go for fashionable touches. Women with brunette hair opt for oil-slick rainbow highlights and blondes go for lighter rainbow combinations.rainbow-highlights-2019Neon Highlights

Finally, here are the boldest and most striking hair highlights. They are the edgy neon highlights that shine beautifully in darkness. Lately they are worn on party hairstyles by girls who want to draw attention to their looks with stunning hair colors, highlights and hairstyles. This approach works well for punk haircuts.bright-neon-highlights-2019