Winter 2019: White Blonde Hair Color

Thinking of a flattering hair color idea for winter? Here is all you need to know about the trendiest hair color for the coming cold season. It’s the white blonde hair color for winter 2019. They say that a woman who is about changing her hair color is about to change her lifestyle. So, there is a kind of truth in this as your new hair color can speak a lot about your style, interests and preferences. white-blonde-hair-colors-2019It will change up your look and take your hairstyle to the next level. This winter white blonde seems to be cooler than ever. It’s for women who look for something lighter and brighter that can make their hair soft, subtle and sophisticated. Take examples from Kristen Stewart and model Coco Rocha who have gone for white blonde and became so inspiring with their new styles.white-blonde-hair-color-idea-2019How to Get?

Of course before coloring your hair in a light shade you need to know whether your hair is supposed to undergo bleaching or not. Why? Because deep bleaching is sometimes dangerous for special, hair types such as fine or tin, short and unhealthy. Women with naturally light blonde hair may hardly need bleaching, but dark shades do need some lightening to the level of yellowish blonde. white-blonde-hair-color-winter-2019Professionals recommend to ask your colorist to apply  Olaplex to rebuild the damaged and broken pieces of your strands before dying.  It’s a high maintenance product that prepares your hair for dramatic changes. Brunettes who have decided to go for white blonde in a short period of time are recommended to think twice. white-blonde-hair-color-ideas-2019This hair color takes longer when it comes to the desired result. So, be patent enough and follow your stylist’s advice and instructions. Another thing to consider before this huge change is your wardrobe. Well, it sounds weird, but if your style won’t match this shade you won’t look fancy. White blonde is a hair color for girls who enjoy Barbie and soft styles.white-blonde-hair-color-trend-2019White Blonde and Your Skin Tone

Any clients ask stylists whether anyone can go for white blonde or not.  The answer is “Yes, anyone can pull off white blonde”. Of course it’s easier when you have naturally blonde hair and light complexion. The result, in this case is awesome. But things get complicated when it comes to dark hair and dark skin.white-blonde-hair-color-dark-skin-winter-2019 Your stylist needs to be quite careful not to ruin your look. White blonde should not be limited to certain hair types too. Many women with different skin tones, eye hues and hair types look stunning in white blonde. So, you don’t need to worry about your hair type too.white-blonde-hair-color-2019