SS 2019 Hair Color Trends from Dolce Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is know for its super attractive, feminine and inspiring collections for any season. From all of the trendy hair colors that I have seen so far, Dolce Gabbana’s shades are the most romantic hair colors for 2019. They have reached the pick of the fashion with their feminine, unique, festive and tender looks. This is the most innovative solution for light, shiny and pastel hair colors. All the shades are highlighted with astounding braided updos and flower accessories. Let’s have a look at the most delightful Grey Hair Color

When we say granny hair we don’t meant this posh metallic grey hair color, as it belongs to another stunning category of gorgeous hair colors. This is not the traditional and popular grey shade. It’s a metallic and shiny hair color that looks very fresh with flowers and braids. When you have no inspiration for your hair you can always look for Dolce & Gabbana’s photos of models rocking grey hair colors. They will give you the prettiest ideas.metallic-greay-hair-color-2019Plum Hair Color

Special for my fancy brunettes who are tired of their black or dark brown hair here is the incredible plum shade. Although it’s a dark hair color but it brings out its luscious purple hues thanks to the light pinkish flowers. Use your imagination when it comes to hair accessories and hairstyles for plum hair colors and use light colored embellishments to display this dark shade.plum-hair-color-2019Pastel Pink Hair Color

Spring will be thankful if you opt for pastel pink shade for your blonde hair. This washed out and faded hue is more than angelic with white and pink flowers. The designer has chosen small flowers to create an unforgettable elegant look. If there is lack of elegance on your hair, try this hairstyle.pastel-pink-hair-color-2019Silver Blue Hair Color

The modern pastel blue hair color is now this silver blue. It’s a mixture of light blue and silver hair colors, which look fantastic with royal golden accessories. The shiny silver hair color makes pastel blue sparkle beautifully. This hair color will look better with dark roots. Thus, if you have dark hair you can easily get the wanted effect.silver-blue-hair-color-2019Natural Blonde Hair Color

Natural blondes rejoin as here is something interesting for you. Besides unusual and unnatural hair colors, natural shades are also trendy for 2019. One of them is the light blonde. It is awesome in its simplicity and freshness. Instead of too flashy and glossy blonde tones, you can go ahead with a neutral and faded blonde for SS 2019. It’s a lovely wedding hairstyle idea too.light-natural-blonde-hair-color-2019