SS 2019 Dip Dye Hair Colors for Blonde Hair

Dip dye is generally created with unnatural and vibrant hair colors, which are placed at the tips of the hair. They look better on long haircuts but can look awesome on short styles too. Spring and summer are the subtlest and hottest seasons, which inspire us to go for bright hair colors. Since dip dye is a simple and effortless hair coloring technique you can achieve it by yourself. So, find your style between these stunning dip dye hair colors for blonde hair for SS 2019.  dip-dye-hair-colors-ss-2019Pink Dip Dye Hair Color

Pink is undeniably one of the most flattering hues for blonde hair. All light and dark tones of pink compliment long and medium blonde hair. Bright pink shades are very pretty in spring and summer and tend to add a vibrant touch to your light blonde locks. You can pair it with dark roots for a trendier result. Although pink works with dark hair colors too but it’s very ravishing especially with blonde Dip Dye Hair Color

All the possible versions of pastel and rainbow dip dye shades work well with most blonde hair colors. If you are tired of your monotone light shade and want to highlight it with brighter tints then try this rainbow dip dye hair color idea in SS 2019. You can easily obtain a mermaid look with the help of several rainbow tones at the tips of your hair.rainbow-dip-dye-hair-color-2019Green Dip Dye Hair Color

Green is mostly seen with brown and darker hair colors, but Kate Bosworth proves that it’s possible to get fantastic green dip dye shades on blonde hair too. Instead of the dark turquoise tones of blonde she has chosen a lighter hue of green to dye her hair ends. The result is this glamorous and interesting hairstyle. It definitely livens up her blonde hair.kate-bosworth-green-dip-dye-hair-2019Peach Dip Dye Hair Color

Warm, sunny, bright and so harmonious can only be the trendy peach hair color for blonde strands. This hair color combination is the perfect one for pale skinned women who want to brighten up their complexion in spring and summer. Peach is a dainty and feminine hair color with fresh brightness and sophistication. It goes well with curly and wavy hairstyles creating a cotton candy look.peach-dip-dye-hair-color-2019Lavender Dip Dye Hair Color

Between pastel shades to match with blonde hair for spring/summer 2019 there is the lavender waiting for you. Lavender works with many light hair colors including grey and blonde shades. It’s a tender way of styling hair and adding a lavishing hint. Although lavender is a cool hair color but it makes blonde hair brighter.  lavender-dip-dye-hair-color-2019