Rihanna’s Hottest Hair Colors for 2019

We often refer to the best celebrity looks, hairstyles and hair colors. Today the turn is for Rihanna’s hottest hair colors for 2019. It’s a great opportunity for you to discover Rihanna’s most beautiful and requested hair colors and pick up a shade for your dark complexion. This stunners knows how rock blonde, brown, black and red hair colors like a pro. Copy her bets looks in 2019 and stand out with your delightful hair color choices.Rihanna’s Hottest Hair Colors for 2019Rihanna Black Hair Color

Black is her natural hair color and it’s always sophisticated with her hairstyle ideas. She has gone for many trendy black hairstyles, but we have chosen this sleek bob haircut to inspire our black beauties. A short sleek black haircut is fresher than long and layered hairstyles. So, wear a short black bob with or without bangs. Bob is a big hair trend for 2019 and black is the perfect shade to match with it.Rihanna black hair color 2019Rihanna Burgundy Red Hair Color

Between so many experiments of red hair colors Rihanna has made the greatest choice for her dark complexion. It’s the sophisticated and rich burgundy red hair color that compliments her skin undertones and makes her stand out with her hot look. This curly hairstyle highlights the freshness of the hair color.Rihanna Burgundy Red Hair Color 2019Rihanna Blonde Hair Color

It seems as if Rihanna can wear any hair color she likes but she makes her choices so wisely that all hair colors suits her perfectly. Between blondes she prefers warm, honey, reddish and sweet hues. This is one example of her blonde hair colors, which she has balanced down with dark roots. It lightens up her look and draws attention to her dainty eyes.Rihanna Blonde Hair Color 2019Rihanna Balayage Hair Color

A two-tone hair color? Here it is. Rihanna rocks balayage hair colors like no one else. She dyes her long hair in brown and caramel shades and the result is this awesome balayage hairstyle. It is very elegant and astounding thanks to the losoe waves. She proves that anyone can wear balayage hair colors if she goes for the flattering tones of brown, blonde and caramel.Rihanna balayage hair color 2019Rihanna Grey Ombre Hair Color

This long sleek ponytail is one of the most required hairstyle in salons. However, it’s so charming and fresh due to the grey ombre hair color. Rihanna has combined two shades of grey to get an ombre hair color on her long sleek hairstyle. Her skin tone allows her to wear both shades of grey.Rihanna grey ombre hair color 2019