Macaron Hair Color Trend 2019

It seems as if anything associated with rainbow hair colors is trendy by all means. Well, some are trendy and some have already done their job in the fashion industry. Today’s favorite rainbow style is the macaron hair color trend for 2019. If you like pastel rainbow hair colors and want to try a new more creative style then discover the macaron hair color trend.macaron-hair-colors-2019 What is Macaron Hair Color?

So, macaron hair colors are well-balanced blends of pastel shades which showcase their beauty on braided and wavy hairstyles. It’s a soft multi-dimensional hair color that can easily be worn on blonde hair. For a muted and mesmerizing look, you can mix the aforementioned tints with baby blue and silver tones. Some like to combine this hair color with double buns and glitter roots for special parties and festive occasions.macaron-hair-color-2019 How to Get:

A professional and creative hair colorist Shelley Gregory from Las Vegas’s Atelier tells the secret to perfect macaron hair colors. To achieve the desired look Gregory sections hair into layers and dyes them in different pastel shades. It reminds us of the sand art hair coloring technique, which provides with the same tender result. The variety of colors can beautify your hairstyle, haircut or the overall look. Stylists consider that winter is the best season for macaron hair color. how-to-get-macaron-hair-color-2019So, meet 2019 with a unique hair color. Gregory mentions that her main aim was to get a touch of Disneyland and we can say that she has achieved what she wanted. Thus, in order to get this candy unicorn hair color, your colorist needs to use seven hues of pastel o the seven light rainbow shades: mint green, pink, peach, blue, silver, yellow and purple.macaron-hair-color-trend-2019 The first images of macaron hairstyles have been represented by Gregory on her Instagram page. Then many hair colorists started to copy the new style. the inspiration of macaron hair color comes from Paris pastry shop and while some try simple pastel hair colors Gregory has decided to take it to the next level with a creative approach. We are thankful for such a stunning hair color idea. macaron-hair-color-idea-2019When you are confused in the variety of party hairstyles just choose macaron hair color, as it’s going to be the most original and unique hairstyle during the festival. It’s cute, feminine and sophisticated, so your look is going to be elegant and tender enough in a braided macaron hairstyle.macaron-hair-color-braided-hair-2019