Lilac Hair Color Trend for 2019

All the lilac hair color ideas that we have seen among celebrities tell that lilac is one of the subtlest shades that a girl can rock on her short, medium or long hair. Lilac is a big hair color trend for the moment and it continues to capture many hearts. In order to get the desired look you should keep up with the latest looks and styles as well as learn the right technique of achieving this shade on any hair color. Here you’ll be inspired by the best lilac hair colors for 2019.2019-lilac-hair-colorHow to Get:

If you don’t have naturally light or platinum blonde hair then the first step you need to take is bleaching your hair. Even a base strawberry blonde is enough to dye your hair in a cute lilac shade. You can even keep the roots dark if you are a natural brunette. If you are not familiar with right hair bleaching and treating tips then you’d better avoid doing this at home. kelly-osbourne-lilac-hair-2019Just go to a salon and explain the stylist what you want. You can take one of these pictures with you. Your stylist will bleach your hair and then take care of its health applying necessary hair products, because a bad bleach job can spoil your hair. Since bleach is harsh and makes hair dry it’s recommended to use a conditioner. When bleaching hair stylists usually prefer to work with unwashed hair as it helps avoid skin/scalp irritation. cara-delevingne-lilac-hair-color-2019A toner is generally enough if you already have light blonde hair. Once your hair is light enough you can then choose a nice shade of lilac according to your skin tone and eye hue. The best part about this hair color is that it works well with almost all complexions. There are several tones of lilac between which you’ll surely find yours. nicole-richie-lilac-hair-color-2019If you pick a pastel shade then I am here to tell you that most pastel colors are semi-permanent and they last up to a couple of months. However, it also depends on the conditioner you use and the regularity of washing. It’s better to go for a bright and a bit dark shade in order to get the desired shade. Your colorist will give you the best advice.katy-perry-lilac-hair-color-2019Celebrities with Lilac Hair Color

Katy Perry, Nicole Richie, Cara Delevigne, Kelly Osbourne, Jourdan Dunn and Perrie Edwards are the most famous celebs who have rocked lilac hair colors. Each of them has different skin tone and eye hue but the fact is that lilac is one of the best shades that they have ever worn on their hair. Here you see some of the best examples, which will inspire you to dye your hair in a tender lilac hue in 2019. You can do it in winter or spring.jourdan-dunn-lilac-hair-color-2019