Lightest Multi-Tone Hair Colors

You don’t have to be a teenager to experiment with rainbow and multi-tone hair colors. Add a pop of color to your hair whenever you need more interest and attractiveness in your look. Monochrome hair colors are not that inspiring. When we meet a new rainbow hairstyle we get the ultimate hair color inspo and start thinking of a crazy hair color. Discover the lightest multi-tone hair colors for 2019.Lightest Multi-Tone Hair ColorsMulti-Tone Pastel Hair Color

Dusty and faded pastel hair colors seem to win the pure pastel with their softness. If before stylists used to recommend updating pastel shades at least once a month, today they offer to wash it the way you like and achieve faded effects. These sophisticated hair colors are beautiful both in single-tone and multidimensional styles. You can get the rainbow on your own hair by dying it in light pastel shades.Lightest Multi-Tone Hair ColorsMulti-Tone Blonde Hair Colors

As for natural hair colors the lightest are blondes. They come up with a number of tones and hues, which look more capturing, mingled into one another.  You can mix flaxen blonde with ash, platinum or warmer hues of blonde and still keep it light and sophisticated. The most essential thing that plays a big role is your skin tone. Try to match all the tones of chosen blonde with your skin.Lightest Multi-Tone Hair ColorsLight Multi-Tone Grey Hair Color

Blend the lightest tones of grey with silver blue shades and get a light grey hair color with a sparkling effect. Between the best multi-tone hair colors grey is the best to wear in 2019. It is pretty on short and long hairstyles no matter your hair type. Women with natural blonde or grey hair will get it quicker and easier. Brunettes need to lighten up their base shade by bleaching for this awesome result.Lightest Multi-Tone Hair ColorsLight Dip Dye Ends

Add light shades at the tips of your blonde, brown or black hair and make it a bit light. Light shades worn at the tips make hair look longer. So, if you want to make your bob haircut look longer dye the tips in a light hue. The longer your hairstyle the prettier light die dye will look.Rose Gold Hair Color

What else can be so lavishing and attractive if not the trendy rose gold hair color? Rose gold becomes you favorite shade when you notice that it’s the subtlest of all pinks and blondes. Besides, you can combine it with many stylish outfits and accessories in the same hue.