Light Ombre Hair Colors to Copy for 2019

The lightest ombre hair colors for 2019 offer us the most exquisite choices of this style. Try a light blonde, pastel, brown or red ombre hair color getting your inspiration from these big hair trends. You’ll surely take the next step after reading this article as the most capturing ombre shades are waiting for you. Open the doors for a sophisticated hair color.Light Ombre Hair Colors to Copy for 2019Light Blonde Ombre Hair Color

You get a light ombre hair color when you combine light brown with a matching tone of blonde. Of course, the blonde is supposed to be dominant. This creates a cute and natural-looking effect and provides you with a light hair color. Natural blondes can add some light brown hues to their roots and keep the rest in their natural shade. As for hairstyles, long layered, wavy, loose braided and lob haircuts are the best for this style. They provide with the most fashionable effect.Light Ombre Hair Colors 2019Light Brown Ombre Hair Color

Natural brunettes have something new to lighten up their hair. It’s the light brown ombre hair color with a tender mixture of golden brown and caramel shades. Of course, you can always keep it subtler with natural brown hair colors. Depending on your skin tone and eye hue this hair color can be either too eye-catching or delicate enough. Choose the golden mean.Light Brown Ombre Hair ColorLight Pastel Ombre Hair Color

Pastel tips with dark roots are my favorite style. They prove that it’s possible to get well0balanced shades with pastel even if your hair is dark at its base tone. All you need is a cool bleaching at the ends of the hair and then a light shade of pastel. You can style your hair in beach waves, straight or curly hairstyles for a better look. Women with dark hair colors can experiment with purple pastel shades while blondes may take pink or blue hues.Light Pastel Ombre Hair ColorLight Red Ombre Hair Color

There are strawberry blonde and ginger hair colors considered as light red shades for hair. The mixture of these two tones is able to provide you with a stunning red ombre hairstyle. Whatever you wear try to do your best to achieve a light reflection of red on your locks.  It will be very soft and sweet and will shine daintily under the rays of the sun. You can match light red ombre hair colors with light to medium complexions and green, blue or light brown eyes.Light Red Ombre Hair Color