Light Hair Colors for Dark Skin 2019

As we have already spoken about the trendiest dark hair colors for light skin we’ll pass on to the light hair colors for dark skin for 2019. The turn is for hot dark-skinned brunettes who want to lighten up their hair color but don’t know which is the best shade that flatters their skin and hair. Today we’ll help you to opt for the right option for 2019. Let’s start!light-hair-colors-for-dark-skin-2019Grey-Ash Blonde Hair Color

Light grey hair colors or the so called light ash blondes have become trendy among black women too. Now they have much brevity to dye their locks in light grey shades. However, anyone who dreams of this shade should also pay attention to her haircut and hairstyle to look so gorgeous. The secret to a trendy grey hair color with dark skin is hidden behind the haircut. It’s preferable to keep it short and sassy.  Short haircuts in light hair colors go well with dark skin tones.ash-blonde-for-dark-skin-2019Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Another light shade for dark complexions is the shiny platinum blonde. It also requires a short haircut to look fabulous and trendy. If you keep your hair long then the result will lead to much contrast and unnatural effect. Lately we often meet short platinum blonde hairstyles among stylish celebrities. This is an awesome hair color for short pixie, bob and lob haircuts. It brings out dark skin tones and eyes.platinum-blonde-for-dark-skin-2019Light Brown Hair Color

If you are looking for a light shade between brunette hair colors then there is the warm and light brown hair color that looks good with dark complexions. This is a shiny shade of brown that can take the place of your dark brunette hue. It looks natural with dark complexions and goes well with dark eyes.light-brown-hair-color-for-dark-skin-2019Light Pastel Hair Color

Who says pastels are only for blondes or light-skinned girls? They are still waiting for brave brunettes and dark-skinned ladies who are ready for dramatic changes and eye-catching transformations. If pastel then pink and purple for sure. They are the best options for tanned and darker skin tones. You can keep the roots dark and lighten up the rest of your hair with the help of a cute pastel shade.pastel-hair-color-for-dark-skin-2019Light Sunny Blonde Hair Color

Yellowish blondes like this sunny tone can also be a good idea for your dark skin. As you see, it is combined with dark roots and tips which provide with the necessary balance. There is always a cool solution for brunettes who want to become blondes. The only thing to consider is your desires, hair type, length and of course skin tone.light-blonde-hair-color-with-dark-roots-2019