Light Brown Hair Colors with Highlights 2019

Light brown hair means that you already have a trendy look. The next step is enhancing it with stunning highlights. With highlights any transformation of hair color is getting softer. If you are in a search of hair highlight for light brown hair for 2019 then keep on reading. This guide to the flattering highlights will help you find a good idea for your light brown hair.light-brown-hair-with-highlights-2019Light Brown Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights

Cool-toned and light highlights like ash blonde compliment light brown hair colors. They ideally go with olive skin tones and bring a blondish touch to your hair. This is for women who don’t want to go for fully blonde hairstyles but still want to try a blondish effect. Ash blonde is something between smokey brown and light blonde tones, that’s why the result is awesome.light-brown-hair-with-ash-blonde-highlights-2019Light Brown Hair with Caramel Balayage

If you have naturally light brown hair color and want to enrich it with a warmer and softer tone of brown then go ahead with caramel bayalage highlights. You can mix light and dark caramel tones to achieve a glamorous and sparking effect on your locks. Balayage is all about hair color mixtures, which are close in their hues. This means that your light brown will be thankful for this choice. Light brown hair in balayage styles is more than gorgeous.light-brown-hair-with-caramel-balayage-2019Light Brown Hair with Purple Highlights

Those looking for unusual and eye-catching hair highlighting ideas will surely like fun purple highlights on light brown hair. You can even use a hair chalk for this festive hair color idea. But if after that you’ll like your new style, you can then opt for permanent hair dyes. Don’t be afraid of edgy solutions and styles. Just take the first step and leave your comfort zone for a bit more fun.light-brown-hair-with-purple-highlights-2019 Light Brown Hair with Natural Highlights

If purple highlights don’t meet your interests then perhaps you are a fan of natural-looking highlights. There are so many fantastic shades of blonde and brown to match with light brown base hair colors. The right coloring technique and style leads to a perfect natural looking hair color full of various tones and shades. If this is all you need, then start right today.light-brown-hair-with-natural-highlights-2019Light Brown Hair with Golden Highlights

Feel the golden sunny kiss on your hair with the help of golden highlights. There are both golden blonde and golden brown tones the mixture of which serves as a hot highlighting trend for light brown hair. This style can easily combine ombre and balayage methods to provide you with a fashionable and fresh hairstyle. Start with the right choice of hue according to your complexion.light-brown-hair-with-golden-highlights-2019