Hygge Hair Color Trend to Try in 2019

Would you like to try a brand new hair color trend? Meet the season’s boom and newest hair color called Hygge. It’s one of the most creative and interesting shades that looks so natural and subtle. Let’s find out what is the Hygge hair color trend for 2019 and then decide whether we need this shade to beautify our hair or not. Actually, the statistics show that every woman who has experimented with it has fallen in love with its softness.Hygge hair color What is Hygge Hair Color?

Thus, lately, the Danish art of hygge (pronounced hue-gah) has become the main source of inspiration for the majority of hair stylists and hair colorists. It is originally created by the Scandinavians as a great way to survive their long, dark winters and the hygge is actually all about harnessing the energy of things like candles, and the power of warm drinks, soft furnishings in order to help make life a little bit easier and comfortable! While this seems to have nothing in common with fashion and hair colors, there are still creative minds that use every possible inspiration to amuse us with trendier and fancier things.
Hygge hair colorSince hygge is meant for overcoming the cold and staying warm, you can just imagine a string of shades ranging from warm, golden blondes to fiery reds that easily brighten any base shade making it fresher, nicer and shinier. Keep on reading to find out what stylists do with this new hair color idea.Hygge hair color 2019When and Who?

While many think that the hygge hair color is ideal for winter others have already experimented with it for the hot summer. The result is quite satisfying and fascinating. We see women with warmer hair colors and nicer hairstyles. Thus, the season doesn’t matter when it comes to natural-looking warm hair colors. As for the base shades the greatest news about this hair color is that it’s paired with all natural hair colors from deep brunettes to lightest browns and from blondes to red shades. The only thing your hairstylist needs to do is finding the best matching of shades. It is expected to be a mixture of warm tones including the above mentioned golden and reddish tones. So, everyone is welcome to opt for the hygge hair color in 2019. Try to make your choice between the trendiest combinations. Brunettes can go for dark brown and warmer brown shades, redheads may consider fiery red tones and blondes can warm up their hair with golden hues. Now, you can take a look at these pictures once more to pick up a style for your locks.

Hygge hair color 2019

Hygge hair color idea 2019