Holographic Hair Color Trend for 2019

When we think that we have tried all the possible hair color ideas in the fashion world there comes something new, more creative and fashionable. Meet the holographic hair color trend for 2019. It’s here to amuse you with its stunning effect and incredible awesomeness. If you are ready for a brand new rainbow inspired hair color idea then keep on reading to discover this new style.HOLOGRAPHIC hair colors 2019What is Holographic Hair Color?

According to the majority of professional hairstylists and colorists, the holographic hair color trend is achieved with a unique and interesting technique called hand-pressed coloring. This actually uses the methods behind screen printing and reflects them to your strands. Stylists paint different patterns on a sheet of Plexiglas with hair dye and then put a section of hair onto the glass, placing the dye to your strands. The stylist repeats this process using pastel pink, lavender and blue shades. HOLOGRAPHIC hair color trend 2019They are basically placed on different sections of hair or on the same section in order to provide a mix of colors and hues. Compared to other hair coloring the hand-pressed coloring is faster. We all remember the hand-painting technique foil and balayage, which provides with a natural-looking effect but requires special attention when it comes to the vibrancy of the look. Thus, among the most popular hand-painted techniques this one is really cool and faster.HOLOGRAPHIC hair color idea 2019How to Get

Now, let’s see whether you can get the holographic hair trend on your locks or not. Since this is a light mixture of pastel rainbow shades the client must have a light hair color like blond or gray. Those with darker hair need to go for deep bleaching before dying. To get the look, blonde dye is mixed with baby pink, pastel lavender and bright blue. The perfect effect of holographic hair is the right blend of the colors applied to your hair. This is not opal for sure. So, make sure your hair colorist is familiar with both hair color trends.HOLOGRAPHIC hair color idea for 2019Here you see the latest examples of holographic hair colors, which look so inspiring and beautiful. Actually it looks gorgeous on all hair types and lengths. Short-haired women can choose the holo hair trend to soften their haircut while others can consider it to bring out the beauty of their long hair. Girls with layered haircuts will surely sparkle with this style. And those with braided hairdos will have the most festive looks in parties.HOLOGRAPHIC hair color 2019