Hair Color Ideas for 2019: Catwalk Looks

Many shades of red, brunette and brown are updated each year with new tones and subtler touches. Check out these trendy hair colors for 2019 from catwalk looks and decide whether you want to switch up your look or not. You’ll surely want to try one of these hair colors. So, start right today to have a fresh and festive look in Auburn Hair Color

While natural redheads embrace their hair color with brighter red tones brunettes and blondes opt for dark auburn hair colors to warm up their complexion and look like true redheads. Whatever your aim, auburn is a lovely red shade to try this year. It is ideal for women who have light skin, light hair and light eyes and need some warmth in their appearance. This hair color idea is one of the bests for light brown hair too. It compliments brown, hazel and lighter eyes.auburn-hair-color-2019Faded Blonde Hair Color

Taking into account the fact that washed out hair colors are big trends faded blondes are also becoming requested. This low-maintenance shade allow you to keep up with the latest trends without much efforts and hair coloring skills. Even if your blonde shade is already faded or you have grown out roots you don’t need to worry about its look. It is surely stylish and soft. Be it light or dark your hair color will be pretty and inspiring in natural hairstyles.faded-blonde-hair-color-2019Deep Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Deep and warm chocolate brown hair colors are in thing not only for brunettes but also for light-haired women who have decided to join the group of brunette stunners. Deep brown hair colors look delightful in monotone effects but they can be matched with caramel highlights. Black women can wear this shade to get a warmer touch, while fair-skinned women may try it just to highlight the lightness of their skin tone.dark-brown-hair-color-idea-2019Ash Brown Hair Color

One of my favorite brown hair colors is the ash brown. It has captured my heart with its softness. Being a brown shade ash brown is still cool and warmth-free. This hair color is astounding and stunning. In spite of being shine-free it can grab attention with its natural charm. Ash brown can be worn by anyone who wants to make her brunette hair cooler.   ash-brown-hair-color-2019Light Sombre Hair Color

And the final big hair color trend for 2019 is the light sombre hair color. It is a combination of dirty blonde roots with light and faded blonde tips. They are so harmonious taken together. You can start with a bit dark tone instead of a bold and too dark shade and finish with a light blonde hair color. The result will be this awesome style.light-sombre-hair-color-2019