Graffiti Hair Trend for 2019

Hair stenciling and graffiti hair trends have become 2019’s number one fun hair coloring ideas. They are the most creative, most interesting and brightest hair color ideas that work on straight or slightly wavy hair. Here you’ll see delightful graffiti hair colors for 2019. They will change your mind of getting a monotone and traditional hair color this year. From now on, you’ll start thinking of a multidimensional an fascinating hairstyle.graffiti-hair-colors-2017What is Graffiti Hair Color?

Each time we are offered a new temporary hair color idea we get excited because who won’t like the idea of a bright and fun hairstyle for a couple of days? Graffiti is your ultimate temporary hair color that marries a touch of vibrant, spray-paint-effect, which provides your hair with colorful shapes and designs. graffiti-hair-color-idea-2017This is all about displaying your own style and individuality. It allows you to showcase your creativity and modern approach towards hair styling. As you see graffiti hair colors look ideal on any length of hair from short to long. One of the greatest things about graffiti hair trend is that it can be done on a specific section of your hair, which means that you can get the desired shape on the desired part. Hairstylist and graffiti hair specialist Janine Ker recommends to try graffiti hair colors on updo hairstyles too. Ponytail, buns and other sleek updo hairstyles will look very beautiful with graffiti sprayed shapes. It will be a good idea for long hair.graffiti-hair-trend-for-2017Graffiti Hair Colors and Hairstyles

These are the most popular styles of graffiti hair trend for 2019. As you see the main part of hairstyles are in straight and sleek looks, but there are also loose waves and softer solutions. Actually it all depends on your hair length. Short pixie and bob haircuts look better in straight hairdos, while longer haircuts allow you to combine your graffiti structures with relaxed waves, ponytails, top knots, buns and other updo hairstyles.graffiti-hair-trend-2017 Try to use flattering hues to make your base shade prettier. All the  possible rainbow shades work well in this style. You can even meet pastel tones on blonde hairstyles. Besides sharp and geometrical-shaped images you can also place flower designed and more exquisite  images. Use this hair color idea in 2019 as your prom style. Amuse your friends with your new and stunning look. Inspire them to go for the same trend.graffiti-hair-color-idea-for-2017