Funky Hair Highlights 2019

Edgy, bold and funky equally describe the same state of hair. With different layered, asymmetrical and sharp haircuts you won’t look as brave as with funky hair highlights in 2019. Whatever you try you’ll definitely need to emphasize your new style with vibrant shades and tints. We happy to announce, that 2019 is the year of the hottest hair color and hair highlighting experiments which make our hairstyles richer and trendier. Check out the boldest solutions for dark and light hair colors.funky-hair-highlights-2019Orange Hair Highlights

Both blonde and darker hair colors look nice with orange highlights. They warm up any shade making it eye-catching and unique. Orange highlights placed on jet black hair colors are one of the edgiest and hottest solutions. Of course, this shade looks subtler on light hair colors. You can sometimes combine orange highlights with reddish tones for a richer effect. Women with layered haircuts will get amazing results with orange highlights. You can place them on the most eye-catching parts of your hair to grab attention. Just make sure you want to warm up your current hair color and then take this

orange-highlights-on-blonde-hair-2019Red Hair Highlights

Red has become a common hair color in fashion. Today we are not surprised by redheads who rock edgy haircuts. We are surprised with vibrant red highlights which become more and more popular among brunettes and blondes. Although brunettes love this style more but some brave blondes also experiment with reddish highlights to create cool contrasts with their light hair. Flashy marsala, burgundy, fiery and orange-y red shades are wiring for your next hair highlighting choice. Mix them in one hairstyle and bring out your base

red-highlights-on-blonde-hair-2019Blue Hair Highlights

Blue is a cool hair color but it can also be bright and very vibrant. Everything depends on the chosen tone. So, opt for electric blue highlights for dark strands and light pastel tones for blonde hair. Blue has many beautiful shades which compliment this or that particular hair color. Be careful when it comes to your base shade. Pick the right tone of blue to create a harmonious style for your hair. Blue will make your shade cooler and will break down any warmth on your

blue-highlights-on-light-hair-2019Multi-Tone Hair Highlights

Finally here are multi-tone or the so called rainbow highlights for dark and light hair colors. As you see dark hair works well with bright shades of purple, red, orange and so on. Blonde hair becomes cuter with pastel tones of lavender, blue, green and pink. The choice is up to you which tones to pick for your base hair color. Don’t mess up everything and keep your style as subtle as possible. Go for slicing highlights if you have straight and sleek hair and choose chunky highlights if you have wavy, curly and thick locks.multi-tone-highlights-on-dark-hair-2019