Dark Roots Hair Color Inspiration 2019

Hair colors with dark roots for 2019 offer us creative solutions and tender ideas on how to style hair without too much effort and additional hair color mixtures. If you have light hair then the matter of an interesting hairstyle is solved. Now, you can go for flattering dark roots and get an awesome look. While some do it by hair colors, others use glitters. Have a look at the most fashionable dark roots hair color trends.Dark Roots Hair Color Inspiration 2019Dark Roots for Grey Hair Color

Make your granny hairstyle luxurious and flashier with dark roots. Deep brown or black is all you need for this cool hairstyle if you already have grey hair. While fully grey shade may make you look older dark roots bring a youthful touch. It’s even better if you pair this hair color idea with trendy haircuts. Look at this sleek lob hairstyle. It ideally goes with dark roots and light grey tips.Dark Roots for Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Black women thinking of lightening up their locks with a dirty blonde shade should definitely consider the fact that blonde hues look well-balanced with dark complexions when you keep the hair roots dark. This is also a great way to protect the roots from harsh chemicals while bleaching. Any celebrity who has started to dye her hair in a blonde shade has taken into account this fact before bleaching.Dark Roots for Pastel Hair Color

Are you fond of pastel hair colors? In order to keep them flashy and fresh there are several hot hair styling and coloring techniques and one of the trendiest options is the trick of dark roots. Black, grey or dark brown can be the best choice. Opt for one of them depending on your pastel hair color.Dark Roots for Blonde Hair

The lighter your hair color the brighter it becomes with dark roots. There is dark caramel, chocolate brown, contrasting black and other dark hair colors to match with blonde hair. In this case, the choice depends both on your base shade and skin tone. You should pick the right hue to get a harmonious result.dark roots with blonde hair 2019Glitter Roots Hair Color

Finally, here are the prettiest dark roots for light hair. They are created with the help of glitter roots. This is the case when you can mix several hues of glitters and achieve a sophisticated hairstyle ready for the party. Go for updo hairstyles to draw attention to the roots.