Chocolate Mauve Hair Color Trend for 2019

The new chocolate mauve hair color trend for 2019 looks as gorgeous as it sounds. This amazing combination of brown and reddish pink, dark rose gold and mauve shades is ready to liven up our dark hair. Between all the possible hair colors for beunettes chocolate mauve seems to be the most luxurious one. We are more than confident that’s going to be the biggest hair color trend in 2019 among brow-haired women.chocolate-mauve-hair-colors-2019 Even blondes will love the idea of pulling off such a hot dark shade that’s close to modern balayage styles. If you are unsure about your next hair color idea then it’s the high time to think of the lavishing chocolate mauve. Mauve is an awesome tone of pink popular in fashion and makeup industry. Now, it has taken a step to the world of hairstyling. We are thankful to the skillful and creative stylists who have created it.chocolate-mauve-hair-color-2019How to get:

In order to get the desired chocolate mauve hair color you need to follow several steps. The owner of Brush In Hand Salon in Brooklyn Hannah Edelman says that she has created this hair color idea using many colors from Pravana Vivids. She has opted for orange, purple, pink, mauve and of course dark and medium brown hair colors. The stylist has used brown shades as base hair colors and then highlighted it with pinkish mixture.chocolate-mauve-hair-color-trend-2019 The result is this glamorous and luxurious blend of dark and subtle tones. It brings an impression of pastel pink highlights all over dark hair. Actually, this is a great idea for brown hair. Edelman says that chocolate mauve hair color will best work with naturally dark hair but there are chances to get shinier results on blonde locks too. The only thing a blonde-haired women need to do, is to say goodbye to her light shade. chocolate-mauve-hair-color-idea-2019Hannah Edelman uses balayage and color melting hair “painting” technique to get the shade. It’s the process when you blend highlights with your base hair color. It gives a tender dimension and a hot variation of hues all over the hair. So, if you are thinking of getting a warm yet dark hair color then chocolate mauve is the right trend for you. Hire a hair colorist who feels comfortable playing around with various tints. Style your hair in loose waves, curls and straight styles to display the shades.  chocolate-mauve-hair-color-for-2019