Best Hair Color Ideas with Glitter Roots

Glitter roots are the latest trendy touches for different formal and festive hairstyles. They are usually combined with rainbow and bright hair colors. Discover the best hair colors with glitter roots and create your prom look with sparkling and delightful touches. You can copy some of the hairstyles represented Hair Color with Glitter Roots

One of the most popular shades for the moment is the girlish pink. It is not only a subtle and feminine hue but also a great hair color idea. Women dye their locks in pastel, dark and cotton candy pink shades and go for tight double buns. Then they highlight those roots with shiny glitters. The result is pink hair with dark glittered roots. It’s something new in the fashion world and will make you stand out in the Hair Color with Glitter Roots

The stunning granny hair color trend is taken to the next level with cute and lovely glitter roots. This light shade sparkles with matching silver glitters which are mainly paced on the top part. If you have natural dark roots ten your glitters will shine more attractively and daintily. Such a cute hair color combination is worth trying if you are a big fan of granny hair trend. Make it fancier in 2019.silver-hair-color-with-glitter-roots-2019Blonde Hair Color with Glitter Roots

Light hair colors are posh and glamorous with light glitter roots. So, if you have blonde hair and want to highlight it with glitters then make your choice between light-shaded glitters such as silver. This combination makes blonde hair cooler and grabs attention. It can be worn on sleek center parted, side parted hairstyles as well as on updos that display the roots.blonde-hair-color-with-glitter-roots-2019Brunette Hair Color with Glitter Roots

From the darkest brown shade to the lightest there are the golden glitters for you to use to make your brunette hair color sparkling. Golden shade ideally goes especially with golden brown hair colors. Actually, the darker your hair color the flashier your glitter roots will look. So, add the festive effect to your brunette strands with glitter roots. Use golden hues.dark-brunette-hair-with-glitter-roots-2019Neon Hair Color with Glitter Roots

The boldest effect created with glitter roots is seen on neon hair colors. In this case, you can add glitters in the same shade as your neon hair color to make it brighter and fresher. For example, if you have dyed your hair in neon blue, then add blue glitters to the roots. You’ll get a fantastic combination that provides you with an astounding charm. Try one of these looks in 2019.neon-hair-with-glitter-roots-2019