Awesome Mermaid Hair Colors

When it comes to pastel and rainbow hair colors we are offered millions of looks and styles because this branch of hair styling seems to be limitless. The god is that each easily finds the most desired solutions and style. If you haven’t found yours yet, then keep on reading to discover the most amazing mermaid hair colors below.Mermaid Hair Colors 2019What is Mermaid Hair Color?

So, what do hairstylists mean by saying mermaid hair. Even if you have no idea what it is the name itself reminds that it’s something associated with sea and its hues. Mermaid hair colors are subtle mixtures of dusty lilacs and ocean-inspired teals, which provide hair with a light pastel rainbow effect. This hair color idea goes well with naturally light hair and looks nice on different haircuts. However, the best reflections are seen on straight locks.  You can refresh your hair color every three weeks and keep it shiny, trendy and inspiring.Mermaid Hair Color ideaHow to Get:

Lately the biggest fans of the mermaid hair color trend from Philippines have come up with a cool DIY-dye using a special styling technique, which will inspire you too. According to one beauty blogger they use tissue paper to achieve the desired mermaid hair color. You put bright strips of the gift-wrapping staple into a saltwater solution and then let the dye bleed out. After this, you can go ahead with a lovely ombré by dipping them in the mixture of pastel hues letting them soak. Some choose another technique to get the same effect.Mermaid Hair Color trend 2019 They wrap their hair in saltwater-soaked tissue the same way as the hair colorist uses foil for highlights. You can do this with any hair color you like. Although, these experiments were just for fun, but the fact is that surprisingly they look similar to that of a salon job. According to the stylish wearers of mermaid hair, this DIY hair color can last around three weeks before fading into subtler, lighter and softer hues, which look quite cool and trendy. 2019 dark Mermaid Hair ColorThis means, that even if you won’t go for regular touch ups you will still enjoy the charm of your trendy hair color. Finally, the coolest thing is that all that money is still on your pocket and you didn’t spend it on a new hair coloring style. So, enjoy DIY mermaid hair in 2019 and tell your friends about your inspiring experience.Mermaid Hair Color highlights 2019

Mermaid Hair Color

Mermaid Hair Color idea 2019

Mermaid Hair Color 2019

Mermaid pastel Hair Color 2019