Awesome Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2019

We often refresh our list of hair colors for the coming seasons. This time we are here with 5 awesome hair colors 2019 to inspire you. They are the latest trends that will soon become the trendiest in salons. In case you are tired of the same dull shade you can spice it up with the most flattering tone of brown, blonde or red making your choice between these tones. They are all fresh and fancy ready to highlight your incredible taste and fantastic skin.2019e Hair ColorReddish Hair Color Trend

I would like to start with the hottest hair color trend for 2019. It’s the string of reddish shades with the most natural-looking solutions. 2019 is the year of copper, mahogany, ginger and reddish brown hair colors. If you want to dye your hair in a stunning red tone then let it be one of these tones. Don’t forget to match it with your skin tone and eyes. The lighter your skin the warmer should be your red hue and darker it is the darker should be your hair to provide you with a natural effect.Blorange Hair Color

Meet the well-balanced combination of orange and blonde hair colors. It’s the blorange hair color that has become so popular among young fashionistas. This paste inspired tone is ideal for natural blondes but brunettes can also fell its charm on their hair. However, you need to bleach out your hair for the best result. Always keep up with regular touch ups to make your locks sparkle beautifully.Color Melt Hair Color

The technique of dyeing hair in an ombre style is replaced by the melting style. This is the evolved idea of the ombre that gifts more sophisticated and natural-looking results. Your hairstyle will surely become marvelous with the toe-tone color melting. The roots are generally dark like in the case of ombre and the tips are lighter. The difference is that in this case you achieve a softer effect.  hair color idea 2019Tiger Eye Hair Color Trend

Welcome the newest hair highlighting idea for brunettes. It’s called tiger eye and it’s here to stay for a long time. Women with long brunette hairstyles can try it on their locks and the result will amuse them. The caramelized shades of brown and dirty blonde provide with a rich mixture that’s harmoniously placed on dark locks.Tiger Eye Hair Color Trend 2019Warm Blonde Hair Color

Finally there is something exiting for pale-skinned and pale-haired women. The warm blonde can ideally refresh any platinum, grey or light blonde shade. if our base hair color is light and you are looking for a warmer tone then go ahead with something golden or buttery.Warm Blonde Hair Color 2019