Aubergine Hair Color Ideas for 2019

If you are bored of the old-fashioned purple or red hair colors and want to experiment with a new hue then aubergine hair color for 2019 is waiting for you. What is fantastic about this hair color? It’s richer than any other purple shade, shinier than any other dark red and trendier than any other deep hair color. Being a combination of Marsala and plum hair colors aubergine is the next stunning shade for brunettes.aubergine-hair-colors-2019-copyAubergine Hair Color and Your Skin Tone

Aubergine is a fascinating hair color with violet spectrum of wine reds, which ideally go with dark hair and dark complexions. However many stylists think that aubergine is known for its versatility and suitability on almost all complexions. While it looks quite balanced with dark skin tones, it tends to bring out lighter complexions. aubergine-hair-color-trend-2019-copyMeanwhile, women with medium skin tones and warm undertones need to add a few brownish red tones in order to avoid yellowish and sallow effects on your skin. It’s more than obvious that aubergine is an ideal choice for neutral or cool brunettes. According to professional colorists aubergine is a hot semi-permanent dye that works best on hair that has been lightened to pale blonde but it can also provide a subtle tint for natural and dark hair.aubergine-hair-color-idea-for-2019-copy-copyHow to Maintain:

While it’s easy to deal with traditional brown and blonde hair colors, red shades require special care and maintenance to keep their fresh shine. Since the selection of red hair colors is increasing day by day it’s also important to be well aware of the good maintenance. aubergine-hair-color-2019-copySo, if you have decided to dye your hair in an aubergine hair color, then make sure to use hair color protective shampoo and conditioner. Everyone who has ever dyed her hair at home knows that it can end up with the wrong or unexpected result. In case you are not sure you can get the perfect shade, refer to a skillful hair colorist. But even if you have already dyed your hair and got a wrong effect, don’t worry. aubergine-hair-color-idea-2019You can always fix the errors with the right tones and of course with the help of a stylist. There is always a good solution for any hair color. Check out these pictures once more and be inspired by the best looks. Pay attention to the hairstyles too, if you really want to amuse your friends.aubergine-hair-color-trend-for-2019-copy