2019 Warm Highlights for Blonde Hair

Blonde has always given us the best canvas for multi-tone hair highlights. There are times when traditional versions of hair highlights are not enough for our complete unique look. Hair highlighting has not been as exciting as today. We see creative and innovative combinations of shades with our natural hair colors. Welcome warm highlights for blonde hair for 2019. Let’s warm up our light locks with fresh tones.warm-highlights-for-blonde-hairPink Highlights for Blonde Hair

The best futuristic hair highlights for blonde locks are pink shades. They are warm and eye-catching and therefore make you stand out in the crowd. Even the shortest haircut becomes fabulous with pink highlights. They can be placed on the front strands or bangs to draw attention. Women with layered or asymmetrical haircuts may experiment with fancier pink highlights.pink-highlights-for-blonde-hair-2019Blonde Hair with Warm Brown Highlights

Hine, golden and caramel brown hair colors tend to warm up light blonde hairstyles. In order to enjoy a brand new style on your monotone blonde hair you’d better go for warm brown highlights. This awesome touch creates a kind of bronde style which is considered as the golden mean between all brownish-blonde hair colors. You can match it with nude makeups.warm-brown-highlights-on-blonde-hair-2019Rose Gold Highlights for Blonde Hair

The most surprising thing about rose gold shade is that it compliments both brown and blonde hair colors. Rose gold is a mixture of light golden blonde and pink hair colors which are gracefully paired with light blonde hair. They are well-balanced and tender. You can use rose gold highlights for any season when you want to warm up your complexion.rose-gold-highlights-for-blonde-hair-2019Multidimensional Warm Highlights for Blonde Hair

Finally here are multidimensional warm highlights for women who prefer a warm game of brown and blonde shades. Between the latest multi-tone hair highlights you’ll hardly find natural-looking styles, but when you match blonde and brown hues close in their tones you get the most lavishing highlights on your tresses.multi-tone-warm-highlights-for-blonde-hair-2019Red Highlights for Blonde Hair

Who says red highlights work only with dark hair? They are beautiful on blonde hair too. Reddish tones compliment rosy skin undertones and create a glam touch for you. Don’ be messed up in a variety of red hair colors. Consult with your stylist and choose one flattering tone. Place the red hues on the desired parts of your blonde hair. Make it warmer, flashier and trendier.2019-warm-highlights-for-blonde-hair