2019 Trendy Hair Colors with Colorful Roots

Instead of the simple dark brown or black roots, designers and professionals offer us trendy hair colors with colorful roots for 2019. Perhaps this is the subtler version of the glitter roots, which grab so much attention and seem to be too festive. Your hair roots will look nicer in unique shades no matter your base hair color, skin tone and haircut. According to your current hair color, you can easily get an awesome hairstyle with flattering colored roots.colorful-roots-hair-colors-2019Grey Hair with Silver Blue Roots

We choose hair colors both closer and contrasting for base hair colors. In this case we have grey hair with well balanced silver blue roots. They create a harmonious ombre effect gradually changing the hues from dark to right. Besides, blue brings more interest to grey hair and makes your look more than angelic. This hair color combo is often seen on the runway combined with medium and long straight hairstyles.grey-hair-with-silver-blue-roots-2019Blonde Hair with Pink Roots

We say goodbye to the dark roots for blonde hair and opt for pinkish shades. If you like to brighten your light blonde hair with pastel tints, then pink is ideal. Platinum blondes give us the great chance to rock ravishing pink shades on the roots. These are the two cute tints that compliment each other and go well with light complexion. They look beautiful on wavy, straight and curly hairstyles of all lengths.blonde-hair-with-pink-roots-2019Pink Hair with Purple Roots

Replace dark brown or black roots with the stunning purple shade to highlight your bright pink hair color. Light or vibrant hair colors always look better with dark roots but since we are tired of the same black shade we take the plum purple. It covers up the roots and creates a two-tone hair color.pink-hair-with-purple-roots-2019Black Hair with Blue Roots

This hair color trend with middle part sleek hairstyles is now one of the most discussed styles in the fashion. It is a flashy combo of black hair with blue roots. Actually you can take green, vibrant pink or red tints too if blue isn’t your shade. The sleek nature of this hairstyle keeps it fancy and fabulous.black-hair-with-colorful-roots-2019Natural Hair Colors with Colorful Roots

Any natural blonde, brown or red hair color will become eye-catching with contrasting shades of rainbow. Stylists recommend going for the hues closer to your eye shadow. Taking into account that bright, vivid and glittery eye shadows are trendy in 2019, you can opt for flattering roots. In order to bring out this style, rock side or center parted hairstyles in straight or loose wavy looks.blonde-hair-with-colorful-roots-2019