2019 Snowlights Hair Color for Blondes

There is a new hair coloring idea for you to use in 2019 and it has a fun name like the rest of hair color trends. The trendy snowlights hair color for 2019 is the latest thing for blondes. It’s going to be your cool and winter-y transformation with a light and subtle effect. This is snowlights and not highlights which means that you are going to get an icy touch for winter.snowlights-hair-colors-2019What is Snowlights Hair Color?

The Senior Colorist at the Hare and Bone salon Chloe Ascott is the first creator of the snowlights hair color trend in London. According to Chloe Ascott the key to the perfect snlowlight hair color is not just a simple choice between icy blonde or silver hair color. Surprisingly this is a hair color that doesn’t involve the latest crazy hues and coloring techniques. The name “snowlights” actually is associated with the application.snowlights-hair-color-for-2019How to Get Snowlights Hair Color?

First of all you need to find a professional hair colorist who is familiar with the right technique of applying snlowlights on hair. They are applied to the head in a snowflake shape starting at the top part. This is something different from the common and traditional hair highlighting method “T shape”. snowlights-hair-color-runway-2019In order to get the real look your stylist should go for the ashy, platinum and silver tones. It will provide your hair with a frostier and subtler finish. Consider Jennifer Lawrence‘s and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley‘s new blonde hair color ideas. Even if you have a yellowish blonde hair color you will admit that this is a tender option to try during winter seasons. So, start right toady. Unlike ombre and sombre highlights, snowlights focus on the top part and create a cooler and lighter effect for the crown.snowlights-hair-color-idea-2019Snowlights Hair Color and Your Skin Tone

Taking into account the fact that snowlights hair color is a light shade we can say that it best goes with pale complexions and light eyes without making you look fake or unnatural. It doesn’t take a ton of effect to take care of especially when you add it your natural blonde hair color. Just take the same care as for platinum or white blonde hair colors. Match with sassy, chic, messy and shaggy haircuts and hairstyles to create a trendier look. We wish you a cool snowlights hair color for winter 2019.snowlights-hair-colors-for-2019