2019 Multi-Tone Prismetallic Hair Colors

The little space between rainbow and oil slick hair colors belongs to the newest multi-tone prismetallic hair color trend for 2019. All the Pinterest and Instagram hair trends are inspired by this creative hair color idea which allows us to play with various multi-tone shades and hues. These are the mixtures of icy-toned pastel hair colors that create a unicorn and multidimensional effect on short, mid-length and long haircuts. Whether you have golden, flaxen or platinum blonde hair, the stunning prismetallic hair colors are waiting for you in 2019. Let’s discover it together.2019-multi-tone-prismetallic-hair-colorsRainbow Prismetallic Hair Color

The first idea of prismetallic hair color is the rainbow beauty on our list. It’s a sweet and subtle blend of shades gradually changing their tones from the top to the tips. These are faded and paler rainbow hair colors that look awesome on blonde hair. It provides hair with extra-shine and the desired live movement. You can style your hair in straight, wavy and loose curly hairstyles to bring out the transition of hues.rainbow-prismetallic-hair-color-2019Blue Prismetallic Hair Color

Add your fresh blonde hair a peaceful and mermaid aura with the help of this blue prismetallic hair color. Being influenced by the marine hues blue prismetallic hair colors are ready to take your hairstyle to the next shiny level. Your stylist can match various tones of blue to create an overall multi-tone blue hair color with the prismetallic touch.blue-prismetallic-hair-color-2019-copyGrey+Lavender Prismetallic Hair Color

If the monotone grey seems too simple for you and you look for a matching shade for it, there you go with the lovely lavender tone. Highlight your blonde hair with chunky grey and lavender tones and create a unique grey+lavander prismetallic hair color. It sometimes goes well with naturally grey hair too and tends to add a smokey effect. Style your hair in straight and wavy hairstyles to show us the real beauty of your fresh tones.grey-lavander-prismetallic-hair-color-2019-copyOpal Prismetallic Hair Color

Opal is a marine stone that has the bluish shades of faded and pale pastel, that’s why today we have the opal prismetallic hair color idea. It has the same mixture of the opal tones and looks ideal on light hair colors. Women with wavy or curly hairstyles show us how beautiful marine shades can look on hair. If you want to inspire your friends with a trendy multi-tone hair color idea in 2019, then consult with your stylist about prismetallic hair colors.opal-prismetallic-hair-color-2019